Thursday, October 4, 2018

Sentence A Day: September Edition

Hi Foxy Friends! Today is the first Thursday of the month, which means we're all sharing our sentence a day. It's only October 4th, so join us next month with your sentence a day! Come on you know you want to, it's fun to look back at what you were feeling and thinking, oh yea! That was a cool day. Anyway, let's get started: 

1 -Baby Fox took his karate test for purple belt, so proud of him, then Mr. and I went out on a birthday date and instead of going out to the movies, we decided to watch one at home.

2 - Kids friends spending the night as their parents are off gallivanting in Paris, they had a blast together.

3 -Happy Labor day...which means I'm not prepping for party week like I should...but I did finish the photo book for the kids care taker, who's last day is tomorrow....waaaahhhh!!!!

4 -It's party week, and I have yet to start any crafting for the party...oops!

5 - Mini Fox's first day of school, and then more crafting.

6 - Finally a soccer schedule for Baby Fox, soccer practice tonight!

7 - Crafting, crafting, crafting, so many flowers to make...skipping dinner with friends.

8 - First soccer game, karate tournament where Baby Fox won 2nd and then more crafting and getting ready for the party tomorrow, aaaaahhhhh!!!!

9 -Happy birthday Mini Fox, I can't even believe you are 5, when did that happen?!?

10 -Nice day off/working from home after the party, I almost always take the day after a party off.

11 - Busy day, Baby Fox to soccer, Mini Fox to Soccer, back to pick up Baby Fox from soccer, and then luckily Mr. got to Mini Fox soccer practice, all in an 1.5 hours.

12 - Back to school night followed by dinner with other parents, because we all had sitters, might as well, right?

13 - Soccer practice for Baby Fox.

14 - Baby Fox won Scholar of the month for his class, 3 weeks into school and already winning awards, so proud of him.

15 - 2 soccer games spread out over 5 hours, ugh, there goes our Saturdays this Fall.

16 - 5K run, Mini Fox is such a trooper, did the whole run with us (walking) and turns out she had a 101.6° fever and then threw up all over my aunts kitchen floor...that was messy.

17 - Mini Fox got a rest day with Nana, no fevers thankfully!

18 - Mini Fox back at school...hopefully she is on the mend, no soccer, just in case.

19 - Dang it, Mini Fox had a rough night and the fever is back and Baby Fox took 2 naps yesterday...he has what Mini Fox has...dang it!

20 - Both kids are taking a day off of school...I'm working from home, Grandpa is here keeping the kids occupied, thank goodness for Grandparents that live close!

21 -Watching our friends kids, they are so cute, love when they come over, plus we got ice cream afterwards.

22 -Day full of soccer, and the family pictures, I cant' wait to get them back!

23 -Apple picking with friends, such a good time, sad I forgot my big camera...waahhhh!!!

24 -Karate, gym and dinner, nice day.

25 - First day of 3 day cleanse, I might die, why do I do this to myself?

26 - No working out today, 3 day cleanse is better today.

27 - Bunko night, I love these nights...end of 3 day cleanse, and I was pretty good at the party.

28 - Watching some friends kids while they get some much needed adult time in, glad we can help a friend out.

29 - Soccer day, birthday parties, errands oh my!

30 - Day 2 of our family photo session, followed by home time watching a ton of movies.

Now link up your sentence a day, and join us next month, remember it's the first Thursday of the month!

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