Friday, October 19, 2018

HIlton Head Girls Getaway

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! So sad that I'm not with The Blended Blog ladies any more, but so, so grateful for the 5 days I got to spend with them. Thank you to Mr. for holding down the fort while I was gone. I won't go into all the boring details, but let me recap the long weekend for you.

It started out rough, 9 hours on a plane, followed by 2.5 hours at the airport, followed by 4 hour drive from Charlotte to Savannah. My day started at 2:30am PST, and ended at 1am EST...long day, but I finally got there! Bonus that they found my luggage, after it and me didn't make our connecting flight.

Friday, it was so good to see all the girls! Reuntied after 17 months of planning! Way too long, but so worth it to get 5 whole days together! Well 4.5 but let's round up. First thing we had to do was drive the the airport to drop off the van I rented and pick up another van to avoid the high one way fees, and pick up Lana's luggage, so it worked out. Then we went shopping!!!

Successful shopping trip!

Saturday Deena made crepes...yum!

Then we all headed down to the beach for a bit.

Went to lunch where we could walk there, that was nice.

Then did some pool time.

We all decided we wanted to do fancy dinner Saturday, so we got dolled up.

But first some shopping! Cause duh.

Took forever to seat us...

I got the corn soup and we all got some guac, both were delicious!

Sunday Shaunacey made a gorgeous breakfast spread.

Some of us went shopping, while two of them stayed behind the beach and pool. We only had 3 hours to shop till we dropped...we took advantage of every minute. I might have bought two purses from Kate Spade.

She bought two of these, one for her and one for her sister because she's a bad sharer.

Then we headed back to pick up the girls and grab some lunch.

Gotta love portrait mode.

After lunch we hit up a few stores that we wanted to see. And went gator hunting.

Then headed back to the house to relax.

Sunday night we decided to do what girlfriends do and go to the movies. We went and saw A Star is Born, I liked it, the singing was amazing.

Monday we had to say goodbye to Lana, so we headed into Savannah to explore a bit before her flight.

Lunch, yum.

One last picture together...wahhh!!!

Monday night we pretty much hung out and did nothing...then just before sunset we decided to go get some pictures, we got ready in about 5 minutes and drove the 1 minute to the beach, cause we were losing light.

What a picture session with out a jumping one? This is the best we got.

We went back and ate all the food and drank all the things. And played was such a great weekend.

Thank you ladies for the most memorable trip, for relaxing, shopping and doing all the thing girlfriends do. I don't even know what my world would be without you! Until next year!

Love you!

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