Monday, January 14, 2019

4 Boss Babes You Should Buy From

Hi Foxy Friends! Happy Monday. It's suppose to rain a whole bunch this week, 4 days in a row, which is pretty much unheard of around these parts. I wish I was staying home and not working so I could sit inside nice and dry. Anyway, today over on The Blended Blog we're all talking about Boss Babes and those small shops that we like to shop at. They are all Mama's and they all should be recognized for their hard work. No links are affiliate, but I do have some coupon codes for you, but I will not get anything other than sharing some awesome products with you.

Super Pop Snacks

First up is my cousin, she created a protein bar called Super Pop Snacks. It is based in Los Angeles, where they make delicious and healthy protein nut butter bars with popped quinoa. The products are always gluten free, soy & dairy free, zero trans fats & no refined sugar! They are a delicious, healthy treat and snack! They are soft, creamy, crispy and ADDICTING! If you want to try out her products, used code SP20 for a 20% off discount!


Next up is BEXO "Be xtraordinary" is a company that provides inspiring, meaningful, and stylish collections of handcrafted jewelry. I wear her pieces all the time and she is about to launch a wedding line! She is a close friend and has really taken her company to the next level in short amount of time. Plus her and her husband are the only ones making all of the jewelry, which is amazing, when you go see how many things she offers on her site! I am wearing one of her pieces here.

Brand Squawk

This Canadian based company, Brand Squawk, and carries the cutest graphic shirts! She puts saying on her shirts/sweatshirts/tanks that you can all totally relate to. I have bought a couple of them already and have another on on the way! Oh and did I mention they are super soft too? I want to wear them all the time! I bought this one...totally appropriate. If you want 20% off use code foxy20.

Sweetly Striped

Sweetly Striped is a shop, run by Jessica, is a mama who loves find great clothes for her customers. She does a live video EVERY week, even after she had a baby, of all of the new things she has to offer. She does it through her Facebook Group, and gives first dibs to those that are in the group. Since she is a small company she can only order so many things in each size, so sizes go fast! Trust me I waited a day and my size was gone, darn it! She is coming out with some workout wear soon, I've already got dibs on a few of them! This shirt is from her, and is so dang soft! I can't wait for Spring to come so I can snatch up some awesome dresses.

Alright ladies, head on over to The Blended Blog or the host, Vanessa's, blog to see who her Boss Babes are. If you have some boss babes of your own, share below, or head on over to The Blended Blog or Vaness's blog to link them up! Let's share the knowledge and make these's entrepreneurs successful!

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