Friday, January 11, 2019

Weekly Favorites #2

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Wow this was a long week! And I have today off! haha. Today I'm so excited, I'm filming a Mukbang with a friend/blogger. Have you heard of those? Basically you film yourself while eating and chatting. Mostly people do them by themselves. I'm doing it with a friend, can't wait. Strange I know. Anyway, let's get onto our Friday Favorites.

In case you missed it this week:

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Last Friday I took the day off of work and went to visit my cousins in LA. Well I met up with 2 of them, and then we went to meet up with another cousin at his work since we had never seen it. Yep some Emmy's his shows have won.

He took us out to lunch and then we headed back to my other cousins house to hang out. But before we did that I took my kids and my nephew (really it's my cousins kid, but that's just too long to say), to see where I went to college, we just barely stepped on campus, but I got some good pictures down Alumni Mall.

My aunt and uncle came and hung out too, wish we had gotten a picture of everyone together. 

But the little cousins always have such a blast with each other. Case in point....they made up a whole dance about being cousins.

Too bad they don't get along at all.

Mini Fox started her month of horseback riding lessons that we got her for Christmas, yep just 4 lessons, and she's cherishing every single second of it.

I'm so proud of this kid, he goes to karate for about 5ish (on a good week) hours a week and loves every moment of it. I love that he's learning how to defend himself should the need arise and I really do think it helps his confidence and discipline. I highly recommend you find a martial arts studio for your kid. We're trying to get Mini Fox into it, but so far she's lukewarm on it.

Mini Fox decided she wanted to make soup at her preschool, so they did...the teacher let her put anything she wanted into it. I thought it tasted like tea, Mini Fox didn't like it, but I took a picture of her with the soup and her burrito (like mama like daughter), instead of eating the soup.

Nothing like a little spa time before bed.

This weekend we have no plans, we're having some friends over tonight for dinner, but Saturday and Sunday are free, probably cleaning up the house, putting away/find a place for all of the Christmas gifts...yep they're still laying around. I did however clean up 90% of the Christmas stuff, so that's a plus. Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!

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  1. I noticed a big change in my boys' confidence too by taking karate. I also love that they teach focus and respect and all sorts of other wonderful life lessons.