Thursday, January 3, 2019

Sentence A Day: December Edition

Hi Foxy Friends! I'm late with this, as I was going to bed after the ball drop, I realized, oh crap, it's the first Tuesday of the Month, we changed it to NEXT month it will definitely be on the first Tuesday of the month, February 5. But thanks ladies for linking up each month, it's so fun to see what you all have been up to!

1 - Birthday party fun, finally we don't have soccer and can make it to a Saturday birthday party, then a movie date with Baby Fox to see the Nutcracker (Mini Fox was too scared to see it).

2 - Lunch with friends after church makes for a great day!

3 - Finally a workout, it's been WAY too long!

4 - Allergy shot day, finally well enough to be able to get them.

This girl came with me and this is her protector cape to ward all all bad things, or something like that.

5 - Happy to be back at my workout class, always a good time.

6 - Mr. didn't make it home, darn it, missed his flight.

7 - Dinner with friends is always a good way to end the week.

8 - Karate tournament, followed by errands, followed by Christmas tree ceremony and dinner with friends, my heart is full.

9 - So many cookie making...but I know the family will love them!

10 - 3 day cleanse, kill me now.

11 - Yep, I might be dying...stupid cleanse.

12 - Can't workout because of the cleanse...light walking it is.

13 -Went and celebrated Christmas with the organization we volunteer with, super fun.

14 - Mini Fox had her annual Christmas show, she was the cutest Mary you ever did see.

15 - Cousin Christmas Party, my favorite kind of party.

16 - More Christmas decorating, I'm behind, I know!

17 - Made the cutest wreaths for my kitchen cabinets, it's my new favorite part of the Christmas decorations

December 18 and 19 written after the fact.

18 - I might die, had to go to urgent care for severe Vertigo.

19 -Vertigo is no joke, will this ever go away, plus I am now missing Disney On Ice, but at least Mr. took a family friend who LOVES it and is super happy he gets to go.

20 - This vertigo thing is not going to stop me from MNO, had a friend pick me up, don't think I should be driving.

21 - Another day of work missed, but feeling WAY better, I can at least function.

22 - Had to pick up 19 pound Prime Rib for Christmas, so did dinner with Aunt and Uncle, extra bonus.

23 - Christmas party at a friends house, so fun, I hope they do this every year!

24 - Love our Christmas Eve tradition of church then tacos and gift opening at my parents, happy my brother could make it out.

25 - Happy Birthday Baby Fox, and Merry Christmas to all, such a fantastic day celebrating with family at our house, and the Prime Rib turned out!

26 - Baby Fox had to get some blood drawn, but Grandma was there to help him recover with a cake pop, that always helps.

27 - Great Wolf Lodge time with the cousins!

28 - Cousins had to leave early due to sickness, but we got lunch in the gingerbread house and had a fantastic family day in the water park.

29 - SUPER lazy day, I read a whole book kind of lazy.

30 - Mary Poppins with my mom and sister followed by MNO, best day ever!

31 - First time hosting a party at our house for New Years, super fun time with great friends will be a repeat event for sure!

Happy New Year!

It's only January 3rd, you can catch up and join us next month!

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