Wednesday, January 9, 2019

3 Outer Layers

Hi Foxy Friends! Happy Wednesday. I actually took some pictures this weekend for you. I couldn't find my normal lens that I take pictures with, hopefully it's not lost, I have no idea where it is...please show up somewhere lens! Hear me? You're my favorite lens. Head on over to Lana's blog as she is the host over on The Blended Blog today!

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Vest (similar) / Jeans / Shirt / Shoes (similar)

This was so comfy, I'm wanting to buy all of the fur vests, like this one.

Make Up: Foundation (in 350) / Concealer to cover dark spots (in Biscuit) / Concealer to cover dark circles (in Medium) / Eye Shadow (Sweet Tea and Chai Tea colors) / Eye Shadow (Cafe color) / Lashes / Lash Glue / Eyeliner (filler) / Eyeliner (cat eye) / Blush (mixing colors brilliant nude and Radiant Finish) / BronzerLipsense lip color (glam doll and Plum) / Eyebrows (similar)

I bought this coat in Hilton Head at the Michael Kors Outlet and let me tell you how warm it is! I love it, I actually wore it yesterday to work.  Also comfortable to wear sitting at a desk.

Jacket (similar) / Jeans / Shirt / Shoes (similar)

I mean this's also removable.

I recently bought this when I needed to get to free shipping at Macy's. You know how it is, but it turns out I really like it. Like I need another jacket, but it didn't go back and I have no plans to return it. I love that it gives jeans and a sweater a more put together look.

 Jacket / Jeans / Shirt / Shoes (similar)

 We don't have much more "winter" left, so I'm going to try and wear this any time it gets dark...haha.

The hood might be my favorite part with the fur. Oh and it's under $40!

So what have you been wearing lately to keep warm?

Oh and for all of you long time followers...this is for you :) Mr. took my pictures, as I can't find my lens or my wireless remote at the moment...darn it!

Alright, now go check out what the other ladies are wearing to keep them warm this winter.

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