Monday, January 28, 2019

5 Things I Will Never EVER Do

Hi Foxy Friends! Sorry I accidentally took a blogging break last week. Deena and Abbie and their kids came to visit and all things blog went out the door. I had all intentions, but you know...friends.
I'm hosting over on The Blended Blog for our Monday themed day. Today we're talking about things we will never do...head on over there to check out my first one, I almost threw up posting the picture of it...go see what it is. Then come back here and see what my other 4 things I will never do is.

This picture has nothing to do with anything, but I just like jumping pictures. Abbie is a good jumping partner.

I will never...

| Two |

Go to the Amazon, or somewhere with a ton of bugs that bite you. I am so allergic to them, it takes me months to get over one simple mosquito bite...I can't even imagine having 20+ bites at once. Watching the show Naked and Afraid is pretty much my worst nightmare.

| Three |

 Bungee jump...I just feel like it's asking my body to do things that it shouldn't do...holy whiplash.

| Four |

Watch scary TV shows, I have an overactive imagination while sleeping and have nightmares for months after watching a scary movie. Even Stranger Things was too scary, 5 minutes in and I was out. Pretty Little Liars was borderline too scary for me...I had to watch that during the day. I like watching them, my night time dreaming brain does not.

| Five |

Eat something in the shape of when they were alive. I can't do it, I can eat it if someone takes the lobster out of the tail, but can't do it myself. I start thinking of them swimming in the ocean all free and then I get grossed out and can't eat it. So no eating things in the shape of when they were a live. Mr. laughs and teases me that he's going to make a meatloaf shape cow to see if I'll eat it, lol.

So make me feel better about myself and tell me something you will never do. Go link up over on The Blended Blog something you would never do.

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