Friday, January 4, 2019

Weekly Favorites #1

Hi Foxy Friends! I've decided to start calling this my weekly favorites instead of Friday, why? Cause my Friday Favorites was up to #187 and I'm ready to call it something else. So why not, haha. So let's get to it.

Didn't blog that much this week, since we had New Years, but here are the two post I got up this week.

Wednesday: Reversible Skirt Look
Thursday: Sentence A Day - December

Also for those that are nosy like me, here are my Christmas decorations. Then there is my YouTube Channel, that I try to post to once a week. I have a Crock-pot Lasagna recipe coming out soon too, so stay tuned.

So much as happened since we last talk over 2 weeks ago, so I won't bore you with all the photos, just some of them, because why do I blog? To document family life besides sharing the tidbits of random crafts that I like to do. Mr. likes reading my Friday posts to look back on the week too. So let's see....what's interesting that has happened. Mini Fox performed in her preschool Christmas show and she finally got to be Mary and rocked it.

Santa even came to visit after the show and dinner.

Baby Fox had a 2nd grade Christmas party too, which I was thankfully able to go to. I had been suffering from severe vertigo, luckily the school is about a minute drive from us and I got there in one piece.

I also went on to  MNO, had to have someone drive me there, but glad that I could make it!

Christmas eve we did our normal church thing.

Then went back to my parents for dinner and opening gifts. Sad I didn't get a picture of all of us there, darn it!

Christmas morning the kids actually slept until 7:45, miracle and then we opened gifts, they were so darn cute. They wanted to open stockings first.

Then raced down the hallway to see what the tree held for them.

The kids had asked Santa for a bell from his sleigh and that's what they got...Santa put a bunch of cut up paper in the box to hide the bell...

Confetti everywhere...but she had a blast.

Mini Fox's big gift was 4 horseback riding lessons, she had her first one yesterday and LOVED it. She's been bitten by the horse we just need to win the lotto so we can continue lessons!

Just after gift opening Grandma and Uncle N showed up, so we then opened all of their gifts.

NOTE: Mini Fox is starting Little League in March and she got a helmet for Christmas, she wore it all morning, so dang cute.

Afterwards we got ready for our family to arrive, once they got there, the evening went by so dang quick. Wish it would last longer! Just after dinner a lot of us changed into our matching PJ's. So comfortable. Forgot to take a picture of my outfit, darn.

Then we celebrated Baby Fox's birthday. Cake and a balloon drop, what more could you ask for?

New Years we also decided to host another party, we figure, everything is already set up for Christmas, what's another party a week later?

East Coast ball drop for the kids...

Last people remaining at our Midnight. So proud of that lady there, she hasn't made it to midnight in a few years!

Some things I've been watching around YouTube. I love Us The Duo, they are such a great husband/wife team. I always look forward to their song recaps at the end of the year. Plus this year they have their little baby, who sleeps through the whole thing, amazing!

While we're on singing train, I love Peter Hollens, and this song, put them together and you have a song on repeat.

And one that is not song related but fitness related. Have you guys heard of a channel called Blogilates? I love her, she has a soothing and has good workouts. I've done several of them. I started trying out here yoga for beginniners series...story for another time. But she is starting a 30 day ab challenge. Anyone want to join me? It's just 100 reps each day, we can do this! I'm going to try and catch up the last couple of is the playlist I have started, I will add to it each day.

Happy New Years friends! May this year be your best year yet!

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