Monday, January 7, 2019

TBB Asks January

Hi Foxy Friends, it's another first Monday of the month, which means we ask the questions and you answer! Easy post for a Monday morning. So lets get started, here are the questions:

Books you have read multiple times?

Favorite Book/Author of all time?

Hmmm....I don't know if I have one of all time, but I remember my first favorite book was The Winner by David Balducci. I've read it twice, and I have completely forgotten the book. This is why I keep books, enough years go by and I totally forget it and can read it again and it's like a new book. Must mean I need to read this one again.

In general though, I really like Jodi Picoult books. 

Favorite TV show to binge?

Gilmore Girls, I think I've watched the series at least 3 times completely through.

Favorite Newish TV show?

Hmmm...we'll currently Mr. and I are watching Continuum on Netflix. We're on the 4th episode and we really like it. It has 4 seasons, but there is already a series finale, so you get the whole story and don't have to wait, we like that. 

Before that we watched Travelers, which is a fantastic show. 

Both shows are about time travel, so if you don't like time travel then you won't like these shows.

Favorite movie of all time?

I'm going to have to go with Ever After. My roommate in college and I would watch that movie every night to fall asleep to, it just brings back good memories.

Movie you are looking forward to watching?

Aladdin, it was my FAVORITE movie growing up, so I'm really excited to see it when it comes out. I hope it's good!

First concert you attended?

I believe it was an N Sync concert with my cousin. It was so much fun, it was the first time I had been to San Francisco and taken the BART to get around and really going on a trip without my parents. It was so much fun hanging with my cousin and her friends. I remember we stayed up and watched Selena before going to the concert the next day, totally random memory. No pictures, I don't think...that's a little sad to think about. Wonder if my cousin has any pictures? Do I? Hmmm...???

Ultimate concert (even if it can't happen)?

...what would be my ultimate concert? To be honest I like listening to music, but I don't really know artists and the names of people. But I really like Pink, Britney Spears, Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake and maybe some Lady Gaga, that would be a fun concert. Or maybe we should go with The Beatles and Elvis Presley. 

Favorite Music Artist/Band?

Hmm...don't really have one? Baby Fox's favorite band is Imagine Dragons.

How do you listen to music?

On the radio mostly in the car. I know I'm lame. Or YouTube. I find the people I like and play it on YouTube.

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