Saturday, March 21, 2020

Stuffed Animal Surgery Center Now Open

Hi Foxy Friends, well we are 6 days into self quarantine and for Fun Friday we decided to open a stuffed animal surgery center. The kids had a few stuffed animals that needed sewn up, so we made a surgery center, insurance cards and everything.

First up was dog dog, he had a wallet and insurance card.

Mini Fox was taken insurance cards and scanning them.

Mini Fox even made some anesthesia, the little green pieces of paper.

Sewing up the hole.

Next up was Snake, he had a terrible accident of unknown origin and almost lost his head.

She's documenting Snake's procedure, probably for quality control.

Getting sewn up.

All better, can barely tell he almost died.

Mini Fox decided to administer the anesthesia to her blanket, that also needed some help. Don't worry blankie also had an insurance card, but forgot to grab a photo of it.

Stitches went in smooth.

Had some very happy customers. Until next time. This Surgery center is closed for some social distancing, unless and emergency happens, then we'll open back up.

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