Monday, March 2, 2020

Canadian Adventure Part 2

Happy Monday Foxy Friends! I hope your weekend was amazing. As promised I'm finishing up our Canadian adventure today. For part 1 click here.We left off with arriving in Waskesiu and getting settled in. So we wake up on Saturday and are having breakfast when we get a frantic phone call, that the dog sledding we signed up for wasn't on Sunday but in fact was right now. If we hurried and left now they could still fit us in. So off Abbie, Alison to keep Abbie company while we all dog sledded, Lana, Mr. Lana, my Mr. and I went dog sledding.

Mr. Lana and I were squished in the back, I have no idea how he squeezed his legs back there, trooper.

All bundled up and ready to start dog sledding.

Sundogs was amazing, they are off the grid as much as they can be and love what they do, and you can tell.

Showing us how to get and out of the sled, yes there was a specific way.

All the dogs lined up ready to be attached to the sled.

They let us put the harnesses on the dogs, yep I even pet a dog, which I haven't done in probably 15+ years? Crazy I know, long story short I've always been allergic to animals so I made a policy to not pet animals ever.

Abbie and Alison freezing their butts off, but getting great pictures for us.

They did a 20 minute test with us, and I was cold just standing there, so I asked for another jacket. 

Mr. Lana and Lana were bundled up and warm.

Off we go!

Mr. got to stand on the sled and pretend he was driving while they unhooked the dogs.

Me all bundled up, haha! I think I had at least 4 layers on, could have been 5.

The kids went swimming while we were gone, but were ready to go out and play in the snow when we got back.

She is a little snow bunny, her happy place is in the snow.

We saw some curling and the kids wanted to give it a try. Then decided riding on them was more fun.

Moving onto ice skating, but the kids wanted to jump around in the snow.

She thinks she is going to go the Olympics for ice skating...who am I to hold her back?

Got Baby Fox out there too, but he made it half way around and tapped out.

Yep he's done.

Meanwhile, Mr. went cross country skiing, he's never put skis on...he did great!

These two skated all around and loved every minute of it.

Baby Fox took off his skates and went ice fishing instead.

This girl skated for 2.5 hours and was pretty tired at dinner.

But she rallied and then proceeded to walk through the keepest snow possible.

We went on a tractor ride, we were cold and it went around the cabins, we thought we were going to go through forest, it was not that.

The girls thought it was pretty cool though.

We put the kids down, and were hanging out, when Deena called and said we were going to try and find the Northern Lights, that the App told us it was close to us.

We didn't find any Northern Lights, we thought it would come about 3am, so I told everyone I would wake up at 3 to see if we could see them and then text them...Mini Fox woke up about 3am so I checked and it was snowing! So no Lights, we were THIS close to seeing them. But in the morning we had another great view.

Kids played in the snow while we packed up.

When we got back Mr. got snuggles with the cat and G.

Back at the house before the photoshoot we were all sharing pictures that we had taken. But funny it looks like we are just on our phones and not engaging with each other.


Mr. was so excited to be taking family pictures, can you tell?

It's snowing!

Love this lady so much! Thanks for making this trip so freakin' amazing!

They are just so cute, I die.

Sneak peek to the photos we took.

After the photos, Deena and Abbie had orgainzed a Canadian pot luck with all of their closest friends so we could enjoy all the yummy Canadian food.  Set up some fun outdoor activities, Mr. and I learned how to really cross country ski by Deena's amazingly talented Sister-In-Law. Baby Fox even joined us.

What it looks like when you host 40+ people at your house in the winter, haha! And this doesn't even show the stuff where you can't see to the left.

Monday morning was a lazy morning, kids watched the rest of thier movie they started last night.

Mr. and I did some skeet shooting, it was really fun. Mr. caught on really quick and was soon getting them all, I got two, which I'm pretty proud of!

After we were done, we came in to roast some hotdogs for lunch.

Afterwards the kids went swimming, while Abbie, Lana and I are took Alison to the airport. Sad goodbyes. We picked up dinner on the way back from shopping and doing some Belong Lifestyle drop offs.

We picked up dinner after our errands and ate when we got home. The kids swam the entire time we were gone. It was then time to take Lana and Mr. Lana to the airport, so Mr. said goodbye to his favorite Canadian gal because Abbie was going to go home after going to the airport. Insert sad face.

Then all the girls wanted to get in on the love.

Later Deena had to take the dogs for a walk, so I got to experience -40°F was crazy cold! But still fun.

Our time was coming to an end, we had to pack and go to bed. Next morning we woke up nice and early (the kids were not happy about that), to get to the airport.

Our plane was late coming in, but good thing Mini Fox was there to help guide in the plane.

After a long day traveling we finally made it home and really had the BEST Canadian adventure. Thank you Abbie and Deena for showing us the best time and really going above and beyond to show us your home town. Until next time, a little -40° weather would not keep us away from you guys. Stay tuned on Friday for all of the photos we took. Larrisa from Lovely Roots Photography did a great job!

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