Sunday, September 16, 2012

That Time I Ran a Half Marathon

Okay, so maybe it wasn't that long ago, 2 weeks...but now I'm left with, now what? I spent the last 3 months running over 200 miles trying to train for this sucker...I knew what I was going to be doing every other day, running, and running, just keep running. But now that I'm done, I'm not sure what to do. This week I went to my beloved cardio kickboxing class, this used to be my favorite form of exercise, after class I felt great, but I feel like it's not enough any more. I have a love/hate relationship with running, I like the way I feel after I'm done, but hate almost every moment while I'm doing it. This could be the heat talking...where is Fall? says it's supposed to be 97° tomorrow, huh? I want cooler weather please, thanks! I digress, I signed up for personal training sessions (okay I didn't sign up as they told me I had unused sessions left from 2005! Yep 2005, heck ya I'll take them!) I had my first session on Thursday, still don't know how I feel, got a good workout, but it's not something we can afford to keep up. What is your exercise regime?

What's a post without pictures? Here's me at mile 12.5 or so...only 0.6 miles left, I can do it!

Me and Baby Fox, yep we got him up at 4am to come with me to the run, he stayed awake the whole time and then took a 5 hour nap when we got home (does that even count as a nap?) 

If you ever do run a 1/2 marathon try out the Disney Half, it's Labor Day weekend every year and it's a fantastic first one to do. You run through Disneyland, California Adventure and actually run through Angel Stadium (with people cheering for you), it was an awesome first 1/2 marathon.

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