Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years!

Let's see, I usually do a weekend update, but that will have to wait till tomorrow. So I figured I would go over past New Years Eves...what better time right?


Let's see, I only have so many pictures on my computer, so let's start with the first one I have...the year is 2006 and Curtis and I decided to go to VEGAS for New Years Eve, yep, we just wanted to say that we did it once. Since my brother lived there at the time, we figured it would be a good excuse to go visit him.

We started the night before and just kept on drinking, this is December 30th.

New Years Eve we continued drinking then around 10pm headed to the strip, it was seriously CRAZY! We walked through a hotel, I think the Excalibur to get to the strip...this was the "line" to get out there...

We made it!

Curtis does NOT know how to fake smile...this is his best attempt (yep I'm really that much shorter than my husband)

The only bad thing, Mr. decided that he didn't want to hit ANY traffic, so after a whole night of drinking and going to bed around 3am, he decided to wake us all up at 6am to get on the road...worst trip home EVER! But at least we were home by 10am and could go back to sleep...all in all, it was a great trip and we can check it off our bucket list, never have to do that again, although my brother still lives in Vegas...


Decided to keep it low key and go to my Aunt and Uncle's house for New Years

We had good food

Lots to drink

And some drunken debauchary to end the evening...

Yep that's Mr. and my Aunt putting palm frawns in an abandoned boat in front of her house...she got tired of looking at it sitting there for months, so they decided to decorate it

Not sure what happened in 2008, no documentation, so it must not have happened.


Anyways, onto 2009, first New Years in our house...we're in the sub burbs now, so we go to basically the only place really open on New Years worth giving a try, Dualing Piano Bar...heck ya! The best part, it was themed, roaring 20's...double heck ya!

Note: That dress I'm wearing is from my mom when she was my age! No she's not that old! She said it was the in thing to have when she was my age...crazy, and it fit PERFECT!


Now we have a kid and Baby Fox was exactly 1 week old...

He was trying to make it till midnight, but konked out at 10:30. Here he is dance partying to the music

At midnight, notice how Baby Fox is alseep?



Yep we stayed in again...I guess after 2009 our New Years got a little more relaxed. We stayed in again, went on a bike ride, and just had a great family day. Just before putting Baby Fox to bed

Baby Fox at midnight, totally knocked out.


This year we're pretty much doing the same thing as last year, staying in and  being warm and not waking up with a hang over tomorrow and watching the parade with Baby Fox. Although our New Years has drastically changed over the past few years, I wouldn't change them for the world! Baby Fox is the best kid a mom could ask for. Now I'm starting the new year right and I'm off to the gym, since I haven't gone in 10 days, the longest break I've taken since having Baby Fox. So what are you doing tonight?

See you all next year, have a safe, fun New Years Eve!

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