Tuesday, December 4, 2012

That Time I Wore Make-up

Okay, so it's not full on make-up, but it more then I do on a normal weekday. My thoughts on not wearing make up during the week, 1) I work with engineers, they could car less about what I wore or if I had make-up on. 2) I absolutely HATE taking it off, especially if it's a gym day, I don't want to be one of those girls who goes to the gym in full make up, but I'm too lazy to take it off. Plus I need to find a new eye-make up remover. I typically will use a waterproof eye liner, which always proves hard to remove, any of you have suggestions? 3) I wake up at 4:45am everyday, I get tired and sometimes rub my eyes...rubbing eyes with eye make up on is no recommended. Bottom line, don't get used to seeing me with make up on. But...I did actually go through a whole compact of foundation/powder from Mac, before it either broke or I lost it...so I'm getting better then in years past...I'm growing up...and stuff.

I decided to try out colored tights and the belt over the sweater thing, mostly because this dress is sleeveless and I really like it and wanted to wear it to the birthday party we went to on Sunday. That and my comfy jeans were dirty and I didn't feel like wearing my slightly uncomfortable jeans which requires me to wear really tall shoes so they don't drag on the ground to a 2 year old birthday party.

 Please excuse the lack of water in the fountain (no excuses we just took the water out because we weren't using it enough and it was starting to grow things) and the no plants in the background (just got our backyard re-done and need to save up money to buy the plants that go with it - you know how it goes with home improvement)

So it's not a lot of make-up, just enough to make me look put together and not tired, IMO of course

Dress -Old Navy (similar), Sweater - H&M, Belt - Target, Tights - Loehmann's, Boots - Jessica Simpson


  1. Cute outfit! I love the color of the belt. I'm all for makeup ; ) I'm too lazy to take it off too so I just don't. I go to bed with it on (bad, I know). Even though I love makeup there are still plenty of days that I don't where it (that's what happens once you have a child I guess!) And I hear you on the whole gym thing. If I'm wearing makeup when I go to the gym then I try to make sure my hair looks bad (or I wear an old t shirt) to try to compensate ; ) haha

  2. You look lovely! I really like the colored tights (and your face is beautiful no matter what!)

  3. i love the pop of color from your belt!

    Sandy a la Mode