Friday, February 7, 2014

Handprint Flower Bouquet

As promised, here is the hand print flower tutorial.

What You'll Need:

Paint - various colors if you want it colorful
Paint brush
Green pipe cleaner - I'm still using the pack of pipe cleaner from this project

What To do:

Step 1: Get your kids to make hand prints on your paper. Let me tell ya, getting a 4.5 month old hand print is hard work!

Step 2: Cut out the hand prints for your "flower" bloom

Step 3: Tape the pipe cleaner "stem" to the back of the hand

Step 4:  Make some "leaves"

 I cut one pipe cleaner in half. Place pipe cleaner about where you want the leaf.

Put one side behind the "stem" and one side in front of the "stem"

Then I just folded it around the stem

Wrap the bottom half of your leaf

Do the same to for your other leaf.

Make as many or as little leaves as you want.

Have your kid give it to someone you love. It will make their day, really

Put flowers in a cute vase (Baby Fox wanted to give my mom the flowers while I wasn't home, so I never got a finished product picture. So I had to ask my mom to take one with her phone and send it to me, it was a miracle that a)she knew how to take a picture and b) that she knew how to send it, so I couldn't then get picky and ask her to send another one that wasn't blurry. Next time I go over there, I'll take a better picture).

See it was super simple to throw together if you need a last minute craft for someone.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend! I survived my first 5 day week of work, looking forward to spending some time with my kids and sleeping in past 4:30am!