Monday, March 3, 2014

Rain Rain Go Away, Okay Not Really

Friday was my day off, so my weekend started off on Thursday with a Mom's Night Out at my house. I'm always nervous hosting something, thinking, no one is going to come, but it turned out successful and everyone had fun. I hosted a Tutu Making Party, using my tutuorial (get it?). Anyway, everyone couldn't believe how easy it was and were shocked that people charge so much for something so simple!

Friday it rained ALL day, I can't remember a worse storm where it rained buckets on and off all day long. We went to the mall :) But just as we were leaving the house, it started pouring and since I parked outside and not in the garage, we had to wait for the rain to pass, so I took pictures of the kids while we waited.

I love her pants! They're from Nana and Ampa (my parents) from Janie and Jack

The rain finally stopped and we headed to the mall, where I didn't have a camera and couldn't take a picture, wish I had a phone with a good camera! 4.5 more months!

When we got home it wasn't raining so we jumped in some puddles, which was hard to find, apparently our backyard drains really well, this was the only puddle we found at the park.
Pure joy

After nap time, Ampa came over and Baby Fox and my dad spent a while outside watching worms inch across the pathway. Baby Fox was slightly scared of them but was totally interested in them and wanted to be carried across the path.

After we put the kids to bed we stayed up super late to watch the end of Breaking Bad, so good! I highly suggest it. Now we can catch up on all of our shows that we've neglected the past month. Like Black List! If you haven't seen that, you have to watch it, so good!

Saturday we went to a birthday party to celebrate a 1st birthday

There was a huge thunder and lightening storm, we tried to get Baby Fox to see the lightening but he kept looking down or away the moment lightening would strike. But we certainly tried.

Me and the kids, love this picture!

Sunday was low key, Mini Fox got a bath - yep that's a Fox towel, it even has a little tail :)

Baby Fox and I did some errands and met up with Ampa for lunch (love having him close by, we can just call and say hey meet us for lunch) We went to In and Out, yum!

Sunday night was low key. Mr. went up to get Mini Fox up from a nap, mind you it's now 7pm, and he's taking forever to come back downstairs. When he finally does she's in a different outfit. He said, we'll I had to change her diaper and since she was mostly undressed I decided to play dress up doll. This was her outfit.

We had a great weekend, and I got a "free" car wash because it rained so hard, so the rain can stay as long as it wants, we need it!

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  1. Haha you are quite right about the rain, I didn't realize that my windshield looked so clean until I remembered it had rained and cleaned all the grime and dirt off, oops sounds like I need to clean my car more frequently and not just let the rain "clean" it. I love baby fox's rain boots. p.s. update your profile pic to include mini fox ;-)

  2. Sounds like a good time!! You made good use of your rainy day. The best part about rain is when it cleans your car, haha!

  3. How much did I love looking through all these photos? I was "aww"-ing every 2 seconds!

    I love that you couldnt find any puddles in the backyard, but the one at the park you found is like the most ginormous thing I've ever seen.
    The fact you have a fox towel kills me. Just love it.
    Your kids are too freakin cute, I want to squish their cheeks!
    I love your tutuorial and think that's hilarious (and also awesome you helped teach all those women something fun!)
    It is 11pm and I am now officially craving In & Out (I blame you, and my pregnancy)

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend! <3