Thursday, March 13, 2014

TBT: House Edition - Spare Bedrooms

Well they were spare bedrooms, and then they became Baby and Mini Fox's bedrooms. I didn't take pictures of their rooms, maybe I'll do that over the weekend. I always decide what to write about after the kids are in bed, so I can't take pictures.

Guess what color their rooms were? One was blue and the other was this really ugly brown and tan.

Baby Fox's room

He gets fancy double doors to his room, which sort of stinks because that's one less wall to put stuff up against, more cables coming out of the wall.

It's hard to tell you about the texture to this wall. It was sort of velvety? But it was just paint?

The other wall, the paint was peeling? We started trying to peel the pain ourselves, but after a few days of doing it ourselves, we gave up and hired someone to do it. They actually ended up putting something on the walls to seal it all in, so we just painted over everything in the end.

It's all primed and ready for paint!

And just like magic, it's painted, new baseboards, windows and carpet. So much better right? Can I tell you after not being able to use the upstairs for 5 months, it was so awesome to be able to walk up there barefoot. We got this really long carpet in the kids bedrooms.

Now onto Mini Fox's bedroom, which used to be my scrapbooking/sewing room, what we give up for our kids.

Yep this room was really that blue.

We had this room prepped too, because again the paint was peeling, strange right?

All primed and ready to go

Magic again, painted, baseboards, new windows and carpet.

Next week, I'll show you the kids bedrooms and how we decorated them.

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