Thursday, March 6, 2014

TBT: House Edition - Mr.'s Office

Here we are another Thursday and another look into our renovation. If you missed it here is the back/front of our house and the back/front yard. Now you guys get to finally see the inside of our house! Let me tell you, it took about 20+ gallons of primer to just get the walls ready for the paint, which then took another 2 coats, so basically we painted every wall 4 times. So here we go our first room, Mr.'s office, he hates it when we call it a man cave, but who are we kidding, it's a man cave.

This room was green when we moved in, and had a bunch of cables coming from every which way.

You can't really tell, but it was really mint green.

This is the first room we primed, because it had the least amount of work that needed to be done. My dad really pitched in an helped to prime and paint the room. In case you were wondering, we painted it with Dunn Edwards Riverbed.

My dad did really good at painting the flat walls, but didn't have so much luck with cutting into the ceiling and the corners. That's where I come in.

Look it's all done! Yep I did the "cutting in" in If I never cut in again, it would be too soon! After looking at the house, you can that I started in this room, the cutting in on this ceiling was a little crooked compared to the rest. It was a good room to practice in.

For the baseboards, we ended up replacing every baseboard in the house, which of course meant that I had to prime and paint all of those too! The guy we worked with, cut all of the baseboards for each room and then let us paint them and then he installed them, saved me a lot of time on my hands and knees having to paint already installed baseboards, then all we had to do was fill the nail holes, sand and paint over those small spots.

We also had new windows installed, which had to be framed, since the windows were a little crooked, this way it sort of hid that fact. Of course those also had to be painted, we spoke with the window guy and he let us do the same thing, we painted then he installed, which meant we painted all of the window frames in one weekend.

Here I am, I've already filled and sanded, now I'm just touch up painting over the holes.

My brother is in medical sales and he got us a bunch of scrubs to use while painting, it was nice that they were loose, and comfy, I understand why everyone wants to wear them all the time.

The last touch before the carpet, re-installing the electrical covers.

When we bought our house, Mr. wanted a nice bathtub and a BIG TV. Fast forward 5 months, and we finally got cable! Since we were only living in one room, we thought it was pointless to get cable or internet (which we ended up sometimes "borrowing" from our neighbors who's internet wasn't on lockdown), so we had no choice but to paint and fix our house when we got home from work.

Mr. got his big TV! We have no furniture in there, but we have one really big TV!

We decided to go with shutters in some of the rooms. Mr. sent this to me at work when they went in, I was so excited, we had the tv boxes in front of this window for so long so that our across the street neighbor didn't have to watch us watch tv.

We did end up getting some furniture, some from a furniture auction, which is for another post, but we got a great deal on and then some from my aunt and uncle who moved. So here's the finished room, I actually took these pictures last night.

I attempted to hide the stuff that was on top of the table below the table, but I clearly failed, since you can still see all the kids toys down there, opps! We do try to keep this space mostly kid free.

That's Mr.'s office area back there, did I tell you guys he writes music? That's his "studio" back there, he has all the equipment that he needs to write the songs, record and edit back there.

Yes this is a massive couch and I've had girls night out and we've fit 11 girls on this couch all watching Magic Mike, I'll let that sink in (this was taken after some people left).

So that's Mr.'s Office, next week, I'll show you our stairs. You'll definitely want to come back for that.


  1. that room looks so good, you all did a great job fixing it up! and holy smokes, that couch looks super comfy! :)

  2. WOW, you guys did a great job. I love doing home renovations, but they are a lot of work.

  3. It looks great, but most of all I love that you used HIS office to watch Magic Mike ;)

  4. My hubby would be envious of that TV! :)

    The Tiny Heart