Friday, March 7, 2014

My little fasionista and fashionisto (is that even a word?)

So I might have made up a name, but what's the boy version of fashionista? Mini Fox was dressed in the cutest outfit last night I had to share. That hat? I die.

She's working on sitting up, she's growing too fast, slow down baby girl!

The other night a bunch of clothes came from Macy's that I had bought for Baby Fox. I told him the package was for him and f course he wanted to open it. I pulled out all of the clothes and immediately he wanted to try everything on. He laid this one out and started taking off his shirt.

He said, it looks just like Dusty (from the movie Planes) and said, thank you so much, I Love it. 

p.s. his favorite color is orange

Next up: Another orange shirt, he's taking off the tags here, I told him he needed to try it on first to make sure it fit, he informed me it did and he wanted to keep them.

I also bought those camo shorts for him


He's showing off his shirt and how well it fits.

There were a few other shirts, but he needed help putting them on and he had them on and off so fast I couldn't snap a picture. We had to go to bed just after this and we actually left the clothes lying on the ground. After I got the kids to bed I picked them up and put them upstairs. Fast forward to morning, he comes downstairs and goes to where we left the clothes and tells the nanny, where did my clothes go?! Mommy returned them! (insert sad face), she informed him that I didn't return them and that she had seen them upstairs in my bedroom, he gave a huge sigh of relief. Boy loves his clothes.

And then he put this outfit on last night, cause everyone needs camo pants, Curious George and a cape. So maybe not so fashionisto as I thought :)

Hope everyone has a good weekend! We have a pretty low-key weekend, lunch with friends on Saturday and hopefully catching up on some sleep! Mini Fox was up at 2:45am last night and then didn't want to go back to sleep until 4:30am at which time I then had to leave for work, doh!

Don't forget to set your clocks forward an hour on Sunday! Looking forward to later days and going to the park after work.


  1. How cute is he with that cape?! I love that he loves clothes! And mini Fox is looking as adorable as ever.

  2. Aww they are both so cute! I'm in love with mini Fox's hat is just darling on her!

    The Tiny Heart