Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Virgin Lips

Sometimes I can't believe where I live. This was the view on our drive to dinner on Saturday. It was that clear and it was warm and perfect.

I think this might be my new favorite outfit, it was super comfortable, the flowy top and the skirt with pockets, need I say more?

Top - Loft, Skirt - Nordstroms (no longer available), shoes - Jessica Simpson (really old), necklace - groupdealz (I honestly have no idea who I bought it from, just that I got it from groupdealz).

How awkward is my arms just dangling there? I told Mr. to get a close up of waist up...oh well, good thing I'm not a fashion blogger

These shoes, they're Jessica Simpson and I pined for them for over a year. That's right, over a year. I saw them in the store and immediately wanted them. Eagerly tried them on and LOVED them, then I saw there as a blemish, and I didn't want my new favorite shoes to start with a blemish so I walked away. Then I couldn't find them, I looked high and low for another pair. A year later, I finally found them, and they were mine! What's not to love about polka dot shoes? Mr. really needs to step up his picture taking game, this angle is awful!

So let's talk about lipstick. I've always been a lipgloss type of gal. But I wanted to try something new, I got the NYX Matte Lisptick in Perfect Red. Let me tell you, this lipstick has some staying power. I put it on before we left the house, ate a 2 hour dinner and it was still there! Just hanging out on my lips after eating a ginormous dinner, I just had water, but no straw, and the lipstick didn't get anywhere on the rim of the glass. I would highly suggest it! So for me first time with lipstick, I think it was a huge success!


  1. Love the feminine sophistication of this look! Lucky you, what a pretty place to live.

  2. You look so cute with the double polka dots! I rarely wear lipstick but I might have to check that one out!

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  3. Love how the necklace adds a splash of color. And the polka dot shoes are just way cute!