Thursday, March 27, 2014

TBT: House Edition - Guest Room

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Next room up, the guest room. This was one of the last rooms to get painted, since we were living in this room, while we were painting the other rooms.

So which color of the rainbow was this room you might ask?

That's right there was an accent wall of deep red, the other part was this the ugliest brown color you can imagine. The pictures don't really show you how ugly it really was.

We decided to paint this room the color that pretty much all of downstairs was getting, but like all the other rooms, we had to first prime this room. Ah, much better...a blank canvas.

 I am killing this look, throw away paper Home Depot hat (backwards of course, cause why would you wear it forward?), shorts I found in the boys department when I was in high school, and doesn't everyone paint in flip flops?

Just keep painting, just keep painting, my life every daylight hour. It's hard to paint when your natural light goes away, you can't really tell what's been painted and what hasn't, surprisingly.

The finished product, much better! although this lighting makes it look green, it's actually a nice tan color.

As our Christmas gift that year, my parents gave us a bed (minus the mattress), curtains and roman shades.

I was really pregnant at this point, and wasn't allowed on the ladders to help. I was a really good picture taker and pointer.

 We decided that since this room has the french doors on it, that if people were spending the night that they were going to want some privacy, so we decided to put drapes on them, so they could be drawn at night for privacy.

Apparently my mom likes to stand in that pose. FYI: my mom and I are exactly the same height
 Next week, I'll show you the kids rooms and this guest room all finished and decorated.

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  1. look at you go especially with painting, i hate painting. of all the things to get a place ready to me it is the worst! cute painting outfit by the way

  2. Awesome work! I love the shades and curtains

  3. You've done so much to your house, it probably looks like a model home!

  4. I absolutely love the french doors! You are too cute in your painting clothes :)

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