Friday, March 21, 2014

San Diego Zoo

A week ago, I know it took forever to write about right? Anyway, last Friday we took the kids to the zoo. We told Baby Fox that we were going to take the train to the San Diego Zoo. He was super excited. We woke him up early so that we could catch the train.

Warning: Picture heavy post

The decision to take two strollers instead of the Double Bob, best decision ever.
We actually found some great seats, after ONE guy was sitting in seating for 4, got off the train on the next stop. Super annoying when you get on the train and one person is taking up a 4 seat-er and doesn't offer to move when he sees a family of 4 get on.

This is before we got the 4 seat area, in case you didn't notice those are fox's on Mini Fox's Pj's, so cute right?

Mr. wanted me to have a picture with the kids, since I'm always the one behind the camera.

Baby Fox looking out the window, can't remember what he as looking at though

Our view from the train, seriously it was that clear and the ocean was that pretty, what a great way to get to San Diego

Mini Fox slept part of the way, that thing near her mouth? It's called a Wubbanub, if you have kids and they can't keep a pacifier in their mouth, get one right now.

After getting off the train, we caught a bus to get to the actual Zoo, we had a friend meet up with us and he showed us where to go. It was nice to see him, he lives just a block away from the train station so he came to say hi and see us off.

Mini Fox on the bus, she took up more then half the isle, oops!

Welcome to the San Diego Zoo!

Baby Fox didn't want to get in the picture
Nana and Ampa met us there, they wanted to drive.

Look who decided to change into real clothes. They seriously need to make cuter bibs, I want to design clothes with matching bibs so that you don't ruin a perfectly cute outfit with a bib
This monkey made us laugh, just loungin' around

I tried the slow shutter speed on this to see if I could get the waterfall to look cool, which it totally does! But I needed to put it on a tripod and use a timer so that my dad and Mini Fox would be more in focus.

A sleeping hippo, right next to Baby Fox's head, do you see it?

Baby Fox decided to lead the way

We passed this and I couldn't resist taking a picture

He's being a bear and sleeping in his cave

Woah, glad he's on the other side of the fence

Next was lunch, don't worry Baby Fox did eat more then just frozen yogurt - sort of

Mr. being silly with Mini Fox

 The only way I could get him to take a picture with the saber tooth tiger, grab his tail

Impressive looking camel

How cute are Koala Bears? Apparently it was very rare that this guy was awake, they sleep about 22 hours a day, so the fact that he happen to catch this one away, so cool! Although we didn't know that until after we left the zoo and my parents took the bus tour around the zoo

Most of the time they just do this:

How to they sleep sitting up?

Baby Fox was done taking pictures

And then we saw this smart seriously? What part of that sign don't you get?

Back at the train station, running around, I can't believe it's now 5:30pm, Baby Fox hasn't taken a nap and is running around like a crazy person

But this girl passed out - I'd like you to note that Mr. has gotten to hold Mini Fox for all her train naps, I wanted to hold her for this nap, but he said...but it's MY Birthday! Okay fine, you can have her this time, baby hog!

We kept Baby Fox busy by feeding him everything we had brought

I finally got a chance to hold her, but only because she woke up, but I'll take it!

Baby Fox pretending to be luggage on the luggage rack

The view from our ride home, sunset, so pretty. Was going to be awkward to step over this sleeping girl to take the picture, so you get the girl and a reflection of us, Baby Fox wanted to be held like how Daddy was holding Mini Fox, that's why he looks all awkward, I'm rocking him like a baby all while taking a picture, multitasking at it's best.

Good way to end a great day!

p.s. We won't be taking the train to SD again, but it was a good experience and maybe we'll do it again when Mini Fox gets a little older and wants a trip of her own, but for now, we'll stick to driving ourselves.


  1. I'm so envious! I want to be in San Diego! I want to be at the zoo! What a fun day and beautiful family!

  2. Your travel looks a lot like ours! Except they don't let you keep your child in your stroller, you have to fold them up and carry your baby here. So annoying about the guy on the really? The zoo looks like it was a lot of fun though!!