Monday, February 9, 2015

Mommy/Daughter and Daddy/Son Weekend

Another weekend, it really does go by too quick doesn't it? We had a fairly good weekend. Baby Fox is STILL recovering...luckily the doc said that it was just a virus nothing too serious.

So Baby Fox woke up with his fever back in full force on Friday morning. Seriously it was like a repeat of the previous week! So Mr. had to come get my car from the van spot (because I have the car seat) so he could take Baby Fox to the doctors. Then he forgot to drop my car off, so for the 10 minutes I couldn't get a hold of him...I was sitting at his car, with no key to get in, wondering what to do. Take a selfie of course.

Friday after work, Mini Fox wasn't happy because I was making her put shoes on. So of course we took a picture, haha.

Saturday morning, snuggles and cartoon watching. I curled my hair before the kids got up. Did I tell you I got my hair cut the other day, and I HATE it...yep I can actually use that word. I was trying someone new, and the hair cut is just awful. So curling it just makes me feel better about the awful hair cut.

Mini Fox and I headed off to a birthday party. Funny thing, this party was at the apartment complex Mr. and I used to live at before we bought our house. Totally random, since the party throwers don't live here, just know someone that does.

 The birthday girls' mama, we would have taken a picture with the birthday girl, but well...she was sleeping! Yep just sleeping on the chairs, everyone just walking past and talking...silly girl. I can't imagine either one of my kids doing this!

Some of the girls

I really wore the wrong outfit, it was super hot...I was roasting!
 They had a shaved ice truck come

And then we found something that Mini Fox doesn't like...I thought she was really going to go for it, but the spoon just touched her tongue and she immediate pushed it away, didn't even get a bite into her mouth.

Ah, the birthday girl is up!

She's not so sure about this cake thing.

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl, I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for you!

You're probably wondering why Baby Fox and Mr. didn't come with us to the party? Well they were busy at the Monster Truck Rally! They got a pit pass so they could get up close and personal.

He had a blast, but because he was still sick, they had to leave a little early. But they had a blast!

While they were here, I went home put Mini Fox down for a nap and then met up with my mom for some shopping and dinner.

 Waiting for our table. We went to Cheesecake Factory, yum!

 Hard to get all three of us in the same picture. Mini Fox likes the brown bread better. I don't think I even tried the brown bread until I was in college, then wondered why I never ate it! Mini Fox knows what's up.

The boys were sending us pictures throughout the night, Mini Fox got a kick out of all the pictures.

Seeing pictures of her brother makes her happy.

Sunday was low key. Baby Fox was still a little under the weather, so they stayed low and I went to visit my parents and some of their friends that were visiting. They were originally going to come see us at the house, but since Baby Fox isn't feeling well, we cancelled it, but then I surprised them and took Mini Fox to them. Because let's face it, they all want to see her the most :)

My parents gave a tour of their apartment complex, guess where we are here?


While we were doing that, Baby Fox got a picnic carpet lunch (he said he should get one because he was sick and it was a special occasion)

At least there is cut up apple..that's healthy right? LOL, boy lunch.

Mini Fox and I hit up the store, we are waiting for the deli, I seem to always take selfies by the wine...Not sure how that happens, seeing as that I can't drink wine, LOL.

Hopefully Baby Fox wakes up today feeling okay and can go to school. He misses all of his school friends!

What did you do this weekend? Add your link in the comments below.

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  1. Such cuties!!! That shaved ice looks amazing! I'm officially craving warm weather now. lol

  2. that mini mouse party looks so so cute!!
    Looks like both of your littles had a great weekend with their parents!

  3. aww bummer about still being under the weather. Love the monster truck show, and the ear covers. I think Aria would dig it, and then probably ask if they needed to brush their metal teeth in a puddle like in the diggers book.
    The picnic haha. I like his excuse for it.

  4. Another fun weekend! Sorry your son is still feeling sick - I remember when my boys were that age, it seemed like sicknesses lasted forever!

  5. Despite Colton being under the weather sitll, it looks like great weekend! So jealous of your weather right now! Mic doesn't want me to take Xavier to a monster truck show, but I would love too! I went as a kid, and as a girl I thought it was awesome! lol! That might just need to be a mommy/X date in the future :)

  6. Oh no! Hope everyone is back to feeling better. Your babies are too precious. I am sorry you don’t like your haircut…I’ve definitely been there before! But, it really looks great in these pictures. And so cute the birthday girl was snoozing during her birthday! Mason has never been one to just nap anywhere anytime. He’s always been tough to put down. We love the Monster Trucks…we go every year! It’s a favorite of Masons!