Monday, June 15, 2015

1 Meet Up, 2 Parties and a Sunday Dinner

Note: Picture've been warned. :)

Another Monday, we had such a great weekend, I didn't want it to end, plus I need WAY more sleep, another day off sounds pretty nice right now. Friday after work we met up with some friends to let the kids run around and we both brought our own dinner and ate it on the grass, it was super fun and I expect we'll be doing that a lot more this summer.

Baby Fox is going to be playing soccer this Fall, and guess what, our friends are going to be the soccer coach! They were getting some practice time in. We kept trying to tell Baby  Fox, no hands! Guess he wants to be the goalie.

Mini Fox ate and watched them play soccer.

Thrill seeker this one is.

Our playdates always end in some sort of ice cream/yogurt. They just opened this ice cream sandwich place, but the line was super long, so we opted for frozen yogurt. The kids didn't seem to mind the change in plans.

I need longer arms, sorry E for cutting you out there
 These two boys are 2 months apart...Baby Fox is the older one, haha, he looks so small!

Saturday was my usual Saturday morning hike.  I didn't take any pictures because it was just cloudy and grey. We're getting our usual June gloom, but it's good because I'm not sure if I'll be hiking in the summer, too hot for this girl.

Saturday I decided to to a Vlog plus do a Get to Know Me Tag on youtube, so look for that video on Thursday, if I can get my act together.

Breakfast was bacon, eggs and toast, and some cheese for Mini Fox yum! Everyone eats breakfast with a princess crown right?

We decided to do a family trip to get my car smogged and while we were waiting we went to Target to pick up some gifts. When did she get old enough to stand on the cart? Don't worry it was short lived, as soon as we got into the store she was in the cart where she belongs.

Mr. had promised them Krispy Kreme the night before, so we delivered on that promise.

Tough choice right?

They have these mini donuts that are 1/3 the size of a regular donut, it is perfect for the little humans.

Since we had just eaten the donuts, neither kid was hungry for lunch, so put them down for an early nap (since had the party to go to and had to leave by 3:30), they ate lunch after they woke up about 3. (outfit #2 for Mini, I thought the dress would be too uncomfortable to sleep in)

My mom and Sister were invited to the party too. This place was so much fun, you'll see in the vlog on Thursday. Yep and outfit #3, her previous outfit didn't make it through lunch.

Going down the slide.

It's hard wrangling this many kids.

Time to eat!

Wasn't this balloon huge?! Mini Fox loved it.

Birthday boy...Baby Fox did not want anything to do with taking another picture.

Sunday was a pretty great day too. Breakfast was pancakes.

Mini Fox and I went to the grocery store, in which I took no pictures, oops. And then when I got back I took Baby Fox to swim lessons. Mini Fox and Mr. stayed behind because she had to go down for an early nap because we had yet another birthday party, and we wanted her to get a full nap in.

After nap time we headed to another birthday party. This one was also at a place and was super fun. the first room was full with bounce houses.

I love when they hold hands

I tried to get a picture, she didn't want anything to do with it.

The second room was a ball pit/firing area...super fun.

Load  the gun

Then push the little button to make it shoot a puff of air, which send the balls flying down below. Don't worry they are super soft and you could barely tell they were even hitting you.

Baby Fox is aiming it directly at us.

They also has a ball flying area, where you could put balls into a machine and it sent the balls flying out.

And hidden behind the scenes and it was quite difficult to get to, was this awesome slide. Luckily Baby Fox found a short cut to get to it, so that helped.

Time for food, Mini Fox went to town on the pizza, actually this is pretty much all she ate, we gave her some rice and Kahlua pork and she chose that instead of pizza. Smart girl.

Happy Birthday!

She doesn't like being center of attention at all, haha!

 Baby Fox with the birthday girl.

Then...I know can you even believe I am typing, Then...with something after it? We headed to my parents house for Sunday dinner. Mom made pot roast, it was delicious.

So happy my parents live so close by, it's great being able to do Sunday dinners, plus I don't have to cook on Sunday, yes please! Next week they're headed to our house for some BBQ Shrimp and Father's Day celebration.

Okay, that is finally the recap to our weekend. I think Saturday could have been one of the best days EVER. I got to spend the entire day with my family and see some friends. I just love days when we do mundane errands together just so we can be together. It's pretty much perfect in my book.

If you made it to the end of this, congrats! Now tell me what your most favorite thing of your weekend was.

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