Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Life In Numbers

My style friends Deena, Lana and Carrie have joined together to do a May recap post. I love that Deena has done that the past few months and thought I would join in. It's a good way to keep track of what we've been up to.

So here we go:

Taken on May 23

6 - Times I took an outfit selfie and then never posted about it.

3 day old hair, deserves a bun before going to actually get my hair washed and cut.

1 -  Number of times I was taking a selfie and got laughed at. Yep didn't realize anyone was behind me when I was taking my purse was on the wrong arm, oops!

2 - The number of times I actually got in the water.

20 - Number of posts written

9.27 - Number of miles I ran

10 - The number of miles I hiked

25 - Number of selfies taken with my family

1800 - Number of miles I drove to and from work

6 - Number of days Mr. was gone on his business trip

3 - Number of Vlogs I made

4- Number of swim lessons Baby Fox had

2 - The number of times we ate Sunday dinner at my parents house.

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