Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Happenings

Hello Monday, my first 5 day work week in three weeks, not sure how I'm going to survive, maybe I'll take Friday off, LOL.

Friday was another off day. Baby Fox got sick on Thursday so he stayed home from school on Friday. Mr. stayed with him while Mini Fox and I went and did some errands. As I was driving I could tell Mini Fox was doing something in her car seat and when I went to get her I see that she's gotten her arm out of her shirt. Houdini I tell ya.

Love that I've trained her to automatically say cheese and smile when she sees a camera or my phone, it's awesome. We were at a used book store and I bought one of the books I thought I was missing from my Harry Potter collection, turns out I was wrong and still have that copy, oops!

Side Note: I've only read the first 4 HP books, eventually I'll read them with Baby Fox...and then Mini Fox.

Friday night Mr. and I had somewhere to be in San Diego but after we were done we decided to go to a nice dinner. We went to West Farm, it's on the same exit as the one for Legoland. It was really good. The chef came out and gave us a taste of a sauce he was working on, delicious! If you're in the area, highly recommend, plus they have their own farm that they get all their veggies from. Yum! I forgot to take a picture of our dinner, we were just hungry.

We had to sit in the bar area as there wasn't any open tables available until 8:30pm, boo. 

I did make Mr. not eat this so I could take a picture of his dessert, Bread Pudding.

Saturday I tried to Vlog, so watch for that on Thursday, not as many pictures. Although we didn't do much. We went on a new hike, it's called Top of the World in Laguna Beach, really awesome hike! It's 6 miles round trip and so much fun. View from about 2 miles in.

See that trail behind us? That's the trail that we used to do!

These pictures are just not doing the view we had any justice at all. I'll have to bring my point and shoot next time, iPhone just isn't cutting it.

You can't tell, but that is all ocean behind us.

After I got back we made breakfast and of course the kids wanted to go to the park...that is 3/4 a mile away from our house...alright then, I guess I'm doing some more walking.

We get to the park and there are probably 100 people sword fighting in the park, no joke. You can't really tell from this picture, but wait for the video on Thursday, it's crazy!

Relaxing after the park waiting for lunch to magically show up.

During nap time I got ready to go take pictures of my friends company party. I even did a little video for them. I figure we're on a boat, how many pictures can I take of people talking? So I decided to do a little video. It came out cute, I think. It wasn't windy or anything, LOL.

Sunday was really low key, and I only took two pictures, oops. I took Mini Fox grocery shopping for the week, then when we got back we headed to swim lessons for Baby Fox. We think we might do ISR (infant self rescue) lessons for Mini Fox. Has anyone done them?

That 4th bottom tooth finally decided to polk through, so now she has 4 upper teeth, 4 lower teeth and a set of molars.
The kids wanted Sunflower Seed Butter (like peanut butter, only with sunflower seeds, really yummy, get the Trader Joe's one) and jelly sandwiches. And when did Mini Fox get old enough to sit at the kids table?!

Mini Fox ended up getting what Baby Fox had and what you see on her plate, yea she didn't eat any more than that, she really just smeared it all around, lol.
Sunday night made dinner, worked on the video and editing pictures for my friend so I can get those off to her and watched Game of Thrones. Anyone else watching that? I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched it yet, but wow, that last part there was awesome! Can't wait for next week. Confession, Mr. and I have HBO Go, and we binged watched the first 8 episodes this week, so we could watch the last two episodes in real time.  I don't think I could wait every week for a new episode. haha.

How was your weekend? Anything fun and exciting happen?
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