Wednesday, June 24, 2015

7 Outfits and a Giveaway

Another week with the Style Bloggers today for another link up for the Summer Challenge, feel free to link up any outfit of choice, we'd love to get some more ideas! Let's just get right to it, since we have 7 outfits to get through.

Day 3

 This is the white dress that I wore for Mini Fox's first birthday party. I thought it was the perfect white dress. I have a vest on order...hopefully coming this week! I subbed in my jean jacket with cuffs rolled.

It says to add a headband, but I just can't do headbands, I think I have a weird shaped head, because headbands ALWAYS slip off the backside of my head, any tips on helping me?

Day 4

Now thatt I'm looking at this picture, I'm not so sure about these shorts...they're super comfy, I'm actually wearing them as I type this post out. But I do love the kimono that I bought off of Have you guys ever shopped there before? It's pretty awesome.

I sorta love how the wind is blowing through my hair, like I'm some model or something.

Day 5

I totally didn't follow this outfit at all, the only thing I sort of had was the colored shorts, it specified bright shorts and these aren't bright (in my opinion), and the top was supposed to be missed that, but I don't have a white flowy top, and I really like this top and these shorts together, so there ya go.

Day 6

This day called for a chambray shirt, I've been looking for a sleeveless chambray that I like, but haven't found one yet, so I opted to roll the sleeves. I actually really like this outfit, that surprised me. I'm not sure why, because I like white and I like chambray, why not put it together!

Day 7

I did a similar outfit with this, but instead of doing the jean jacket I added a tied chambray and it totally changed the look, crazy how one piece of clothing can do that.

Day 8

Again, didn't follow this outfit day either. It said patterned palazzo pants, which I don't have, and a flowy top, which the only solid color flowy tank I have is that black one from the first week.  So I figured I would chose another flowy tank with a patterned...wait for it...back side! And some solid shorts...sort of mixed it up a bit.

I just love that you don't expect the back to be floral.

Woah...see that grey hair there? Yeah that's not the sun, that's a really grey hair. (look on the left side of my head)

Day 9

I busted out my Captain America T-shirt, when Baby Fox saw this he nearly jumped out of his skin with excitement. He said, I want to wear mine too! I love how casual this outfit is, so comfy but really put together.

And for you Deena...:)  Princess crown and Captain America...haha! I can't believe I just did that.

That's all I got for this week, don't forget the giveaway, you only have 1 more day before it's over, so hope on over, get to know some great gals, and win $200 while you're at it, win-win!

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