Monday, June 1, 2015

Dare Devil Weekend

Hello Monday and June! What?!? June? How did that happend? Friday we got some good cuddle time in while watching Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast, it was a cute movie.

Saturday there wasn't a hike, not sure what we're going to do, where we use to hike, they have started to ticket people who park on the street and the parking lot doesn't open until 8am, which is usually when we're finishing our hike. Guess it's going to get us to try something new. All that to say, I decided to go for a run. 4.5 miles, this is about mile 1.25 (so said my phone when I stopped to take this photo).

I got home took a quick shower and then headed out with Baby Fox to get our hair cuts. His was up first. He just likes going because he it's the only time he gets to play video games.

Silly boy

We had about 30 minutes before my appointment (don't worry, not at the same place), so of course we had to check out the new Nordstrom Rack they put in next door. I do believe they did this on purpose. When did my son turn 10? Geez, he looks so old in this picture!

Yep remember how I went for that run, we I didn't wash my hair because I figured I would be getting my hair done. It was a greasy mess, up in a bun it went.

We found the most awesome fur vest for Mini Fox. Originally $65 marked down to $9, I couldn't NOT get it right? Back at my hair appointment, I was going to drop Baby Fox at the gym kids club, but it was so packed and Baby Fox was crying so I just took him with me. Us waiting for my appointment to start.

He was really good the whole time, just sat in the next chair for the 45 minutes it took. After that I thought he deserved a treat. Can you guess where we went? I've never seen them do this before, so I took a video for you.


If you guessed Krispy Kreme then you would be correct!

Baby Fox was fascinated with the frosting.

More picture, this is the only picture I got with my hair all done, oops! Baby Fox wanted to be front and center.

After we got back, we headed out to my cousins house for some swimming and family time.

Mini Fox seriously has NO FEAR! She's definitely our little Dare Devil.


Took a video of all of the kids jumping in the water. They said they were having the diving board taken out, so this will probably be the last time we play with it. It was fun. (they just moved into their house 3 weeks ago).

As we the adults were sitting around talking, we got a glimsp of what it's going to be like when all the kids get a little bigger. All of us sitting around talking, while the kids play with each other, it was awesome that the older 3 were perfectly content playing with each other.

Sunday we went to Target

What happens when you bring the whole family to Target, the husband goofs off with the kids.

Then we went to the grocery store, love that this girl will still stay in the carrier with me.

Doesn't everyone wearing orange goggles to the store? We just picked these up for $1.99, you should too, they're perfect and if they get lost no big deal. We can't find Baby Fox's whale goggles, darn!

We did the usual swim lessons, but there was a mix up and we didn't bring  swim bag with us on our errands, so we bought Baby Fox some swim trunks at the swim place, and then I drove home to get a towel and soap and stuff, which made me miss most of his lesson. Ah well, lesson learned, don't assume the other person got the swim bag. After naps we headed to my parents for dinner. I love that I haven't had to cook 2 Sundays in a row, Thank You Parents!

Another great weekend, I love spending time with my cousins, funny enough 4 of my cousins just bought new houses, there must be something in their water!

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