Thursday, June 11, 2015

Vlog #4 - People Fighting at The Park

Hello all! Hope you are having a great week, only 1 more day and it's the weekend! We have two birthday parties to go to this weekend, so we are going to be busy! I typically take it one week at a time and last week was a particularly rough one, so I didn't realize we had two birthday parties until earlier this week, and no gifts! Luckily they are kid birthdays, so it shouldn't be too bad! Going to take one of the kids to Target...of course.

I have another vlog for you all. I know most people don't watch it, but I'm finding it fun to do them and put them together and just remember everything we've been up to. I seriously don't know how people do this daily! Wait for the end of the vlog and there's a link to a how I get ready....which was a big fat fail video too!

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