Friday, June 19, 2015

Style Me Bloggers - How We Share our Home

Happy Friday! Today is one of my off Fridays, so I'm off doing errands with Mini Fox prepping for Baby Fox's birthday party next weekend! Yikes, so much to do...why do I always wait till the last minute?!  Anyway...Back with my Bloggy Besties, for today we decided that we were going to do an exchange. We wanted to share either something from our home with them, or something that reminded us of home, it was really up to interpretation. I decided I was going to help my Bloggy friend decoration her house, head on over to Katie's blog to see what I gave her!

I got a pretty awesome gift from Deena! She decided to send us stuff that we can't get here in the States...she stuffed this thing full of goodies! Look how pretty that card is! I'm fairly certain she used her artist skills for that one. It currently sits on my fridge, so I get to see it everyday and remind myself how talented my friends are.

Let's break down what was in the box:

Her cute note. She decided to send all of the things in Canada that we can't get here in the states, how sweet is that?!

The box was completely stuffed, it was pretty awesome.

A closer look at everything

I can tell you that all of the candy went FAST! The kids begging for candy, haha!

We opened the Kinder Eggs the next day and I took a video for you Deena.

Mr. ate the chips the next day. Funny story, when we were up in  Tahoe there was someone there from Canada and we had been talking about our favorite chips. She said if she cold chose any chips she would pick the Ketchup chips from back home. We sort of laughed at her and said really?! Ketchup chips...then a few weeks later we get our very own bag. You better believe I sent her a picture of our very own bag, she was jealous. :) Mr. said they were really good and that he could see why they were her very favorite chip. Deena when you come visit us, don't forget the ketchup chips!

Mr. approved

Thank you Deena for sending such a thoughtful gift to share your home with us! Now go check out what everyone else gave each other.

Don't forget to enter the $200 giveaway to Gap brands, you could get a lot with that!

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