Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My LBD and some Randoms

I wish I had gotten better pictures before leaving for my night out on Saturday. But I didn't so...moving on. Why do I look so short?! Anyway, besides all of that, I love this dress, it's so fun and a great little black dress to own. My mom found it at Nordstroms Rack.

Why does my head look so big?

Hey I actually look normal here, although I've taken the windy through my hair to the extreme. Okay maybe it's not me, it's the weather.

Some randoms:

  • I think I'm getting sick, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, please say it isn't so. Now I'm not sure if I should go to the gym tonight, but I know me, I probably will and then spend the next three days getting over the fact that I pushed my body to far. Gotta get my workout in, gotta get R.I.P.P.E.D.

  • My allergy shots are ready...I'm scared to start, mostly because it's such a time commitment...yikes! But at least there is an end in 6-7 months from now.

  • This girl loves her some princess clothes. She's all about Princess this and princess that. Monday my parents bought her a Sofia the First dress, she immediately put it on and then stood on this box and started twirling...if that doesn't say girl, I don't know what would!

No princess would be complete without some pink monster teeth right?

Come back tomorrow to see our Saturday Vlog and maybe half a video on how to do my make up (I started filming it and ran out of disk space, oops! I have since bought a 32GB disk at Costco, should never happen again, EVER. I hope).

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