Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Another Recap on a Tuesday

Weekend recap on a Tuesday. If you missed it Courtney, Beth and I gave you a tour of our houses decorated for Christmas. Click here if you want to see how I decorated my house!

Mr. had to pretty much study again all weekend, so Saturday morning I made a big breakfast and a friend and her daughter came over to play. She was also dropping off her gifts she bought for Thomas House adopt a family, click here for what they are all about. Another friend is picking up my stuff and my friends stuff today!

If you look in the water where the girls are looking, there is a little mermaid that is actually swimming around down there.

Look at me, I'm walking! For short periods without a boot, yay!

After our friends left, we decided to build our Giner Bread House. The kids had a blast!

They take their work very seriously.

I think he ate more than he decorated with.

She had a blast!

Since we had a late breakfast, lunch was small. But decided to have some fun with their lunch. Can you tell what they are? Hint, it's not the same thing :)

Put the kids down for an early nap because we were headed out to a Christmas Party in LA! We were still mega late, but hey it's a Christmas party, people show up when they can right?

They had a balloon artist there, and man this guy was GOOD!

This was the Little Mermaid, but she was so excited she couldn't hold still.
After that was Christmas cookie decorating, so much fun for the kids.

She just liked to put the frosting on, and never ate the cookie.

He just put all of the frosting in his bag on his cookie and then ate the whole thing!

The balloon guy made Mini Fox a crown balloon, she loved it.

And of course the girls were melting down, but had to get a picture before we left...oops, should have done this at the beginning of the night! Our girls are only 6 weeks apart, fun being pregnant with a pseudo cousin.

Back at home now and she's all smiles, showing off her balloon things.

Sunday was another all day study day for Mr. He didn't get all of Saturday because of the party, so I took the kids to a birthday party, they had a blast and were sad to leave.

Birthday girl. I met her mom at Nordstrom! Seriously, our kids are only 2 weeks apart, and we met while nursing our kids when they were newborns in the Nordstrom nursing room. We shared a love for shopping, after feeding our kids we went off and went shopping together and have been friends ever since!

Afterwards we tried to stay away so I took them to lunch at Corner Bakery.

I asked her to take a picture, this is what she did, goofster.

I bribed her with a cookie. No she didn't eat the whole thing.

He told me he wanted me to take a picture of his shirt, front and back for my aunt to gave it to him.

Did a little shopping, didn't find anything, darn it!

Some naps happened and then some relaxing and watching tv, while we found out that our oven is broken because it took 1.5 hours to cook our meatloaf...grrr. And we're having 23 people over for Christmas dinner! Yikes, calling the guy right now! And I have Christmas cookies to make for this weekend, I really hope it's something he can fix and soon!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?
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