Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Tour Blog Hop and Link Up

I'm so excited, today is finally the day! I'm linking up with both Courtney and Beth for our holiday home tours! Plus I'm also part of a blog hop with The Blended Blog. So if you're visiting from Lana's blog, welcome!

But I guess the real reason you're here is to see my Christmas Decorations. Plus I have a little surprise for you all. Oh and I have a lot of've been warned.

It all starts with the Christmas Tree, we bought this bad boy last year and could not have been more excited to put it up this year.

Let's start at the front door. I made the wreath part for Fall, but couldn't drive to get the rest of the stuff, so it just sat plain as can be on our front door, then my mom took pity on my and gave me the ribbon to add. Next year I'll definitely be sprucing this up a bit. It's a good start though.

Just as you walk in the door, you see our entry way table.  I found the "WISH" sign at Stein Mart, I had never been there until my mom took me the other day, I really liked it, will have to go back again soon.

As you walk in you see this right away.

I have some polka dot ribbon, glittery ornaments, red birds, white birds, white sparky balls on trees, silver bells, makes for a pretty perfect tree. The silver bells are actually from Mr.'s mom, she gave him one a year for 30 years! Each one has the year on it, it's pretty fantastic.

I just love the poinsettias, they are full of glitter and so fun.

These are just plain, but it still ties in with the theme.

So you walk a few steps in and then see this. I just love the catwalk up there. Although makes it hard to conceal noise at all, since all of the bedrooms face the noise.

Guess what? You get your first surprise, I decided to video how we decorated the tree this year! So here you go!

The view just as you get to the top of the stairs. We have yet to find a tree topper we really love that goes with the until we find the perfect thing, we'll just wait.

And now your second surprise, I did the same for the banister. Enjoy!

Moving onto the family room. I just knew you wanted to see how I did the mantel. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how it came out. I pretty much copied what we did last year...and then I called my mom and said something was missing, and sent her a picture. year.

She came over with the red balls, and we found those red Christmas tree at Party City for $1.99, and thought they HAD to go on the mantel.  Really makes the whole mantel look so much better. The wreath was made by Baby Fox last

I got the stocking hangers at Target, where else?

We have this door that goes to our heating unit, and is usually where we hang Baby Fox's school work, but when Christmas rolls around, I just love all of the Christmas Cards we get, that I can't help but display them. I used to have them on the mantel, but it got to be too many and they weren't all getting displayed.

I made those clothes pin reindeer and Christmas trees a couple of years back. I thought I had lost them, but found them in a bin in the garage the other day, was so happy to have found them!

I usually have (fake) fruit in these jars, but I switched them out for some ornaments, I remember when I bought these, I really wanted them, but needed quite a few, so I went to 3 targets in one day to find them, worth it!

Mr. really loves the classic Christmas Tree, he loves colored lights and not the white ones, so we put another Christmas tree upstairs, so we can put all of the ornaments we've collected over the years on that tree.

This year we let the kids put most of the ornaments on the tree and they loved it! As you can see most of them are in the same spot, haha.

some of my favorites, this one my grandparents gave my parents when I was supposed to come from Korea in October, but was delayed until January, so it was my first Christmas, spent without them, and they were heartbroken. But I just love this ornament, they loved me even before I was here.

Speaking of adoption, one of my favorite stories growing up with Horton the Elephant, it's all about adoption and helped us to understand it a little better growing up.

One of the first ornaments Baby Fox made for us.

Oh and we can't forget the last tree in the house. I know another one! We have Baby Fox's birthday tree! Each year he gets his own birthday tree, we decorate it in whatever theme he wants and only put birthday gifts under it. This boy does not know the meaning of getting jipped because his birthday is on Christmas, if anything he gets more spoiled, I never want him to not like that his birthday is on Christmas.

As soon as he saw the action figures, he immediately took them off the tree and took them to his room, so currently there are no action figures, luckily I got one picture before it was partly taken apart.

So there you have it, all of my Christmas decorations! I can't wait to see what Courtney and Beth did with their homes. And don't forget about The Blended Blog Christmas Tour hop, hop on over to see how Sheila decorated her home this year!

Now link up all of your homes below, I'm nosey and want to see it all!

Also linking up with Andrea

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