Thursday, December 10, 2015

Pictures With Santa

Linking up with Courtney, Jenny, Elizabeth, Sara, Stephanie, and Laureen for Vists with Santa. I was going to post this sooner, but they were doing a link up, so I thought, why not. I'll hold off, make you guys wait a bit. I know you were dying to see them.

This is pretty much what I expected:

From 2012

From 2014

But instead we got two angel kids who couldn't wait to get on Santa's lap and talk to him and take pictures with him, parent win right there folks!

Best one we got out of them. They are saying cheese, just not doing a cheese face...oh well, there is always next year. Mini Fox told Santa she wanted a dolly and Baby Fox said he wanted toys but specifically a ride on toy...which for the record he is not getting, getting something much better that is not even on his radar because  I don't think he knows that he can be on his radar. Hopefully he'll be shocked and surprised.


Same expression, weird.

Santa refused to make a funny face, although he should have :)

Weird thing happened, we get home and I put in the disk to retrieve the photos and there isn't anything there! Say what?! So Mr. takes a look at the back and says, there is something on there, so he takes it up stairs and suddenly he starts sending me all of these pictures...they accidentally put every photo they took on the CD, instead of just the three that we ordered, woo hoo. I mean they all sort of look the same, but hey we'll take it!

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