Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sentence A Day: October Edition

Hi Foxy Friends, back with another installment of Sentence A Day! Thank you Rebecca for the idea! It's so fun to read about someone's day in just one sentence. Here are my other months.

1 - I have 4 kids for the evening.

2 - First day of Religious Education for Baby Fox, he did so good!

3 - Traveling for work sucks, I miss my family.

P.S. I went to Cracker Barrel for the first time.

4 - Holy crap a hurricane is coming, change flight home STAT!

5 - Too many meetings to squeeze all the work into 1 day.

6 - Phew got on the plane and got to squeeze my family.

7 - Why isn't there more information on the hurricane, I hope everyone is okay.

8 - Thomas House Reflections Gala, we freaking raised $230K (over double our goal), AMAZING, so proud of everyone involved.

9 - Clean, catch up, go, go, go.

10 - Finally R.I.P.P.E.D, been too long.

11 - Impromptu play date at the park, FINALLY what I have been waiting for, other kids at the park for my kids to play and run around with. (Typically we are the only ones at our park)

12 - Rough day at work, skipped the gym and gorged on Mexican food instead, feeling better.

13 - Meet up at the park, stayed till after dark, it was perfect.

14 - Finished reading Harry Potty and the Sourcers Stone to Baby Fox, he LOVED it!

15 - Time to watch Harry Potter!

16 - Pumpkin Patch time, I can't believe we've been doing this for 6 years!

17 - So tired...

18 - Parents for dinner, yay, no cooking or cleaning!

19 - R.I.P.P.E.D to the core, yes!

20 - MNO at the Melting Pot, need I say more?

21 - What Mini Fox has a fever (101.3), no other symptoms...well there goes the errands for the's okay, snuggling is better.

22 - Garage sales are over rated...$24, at least it forced me to get organized...silver lining.

23 - It's raining, it's raining, it's raining!

24 - sucks.

25 - Feeling better, phew!

26 - Took the kids to the park, and there were so many kids for my kids to play with, so excited, to finally have people in the neighborhood park on the regular.

27 - Now I'm sick...sinuses suck

28 - Baby Fox is throwing up, boo!

29 - Cancel everything today, poor Baby Fox, at least he is feeling a little better

30 -  All better, and was able to go to his school friends party, yay!

31 - Happy Halloween!

Join sentence a day with us! It's only November 3rd, you can still catch up, next link up is December 1!

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