Thursday, November 17, 2016

Guest Post From Kristie @ The Offical CEO Mom

Hello Foxy Friends! Today I have my first guest post from Kristie who is a kick butt mom doing her entrepreneurial thing. Today she is taking a break from that so she can talk about enjoying motherhood. Take it away Kristie!

Ayden, my third child, was born on my birthday weighing in at 7 pounds and 4 ounces! He came in screaming so the whole floor could hear him :). It was the most beautiful moment; more precious than I could have imagined.
I remember reading a blog post that I came across via Pinterest about how different it is to have three children. She wrote how you change how you parent by the time you have your third child. She wrote how you start out super overprotective with your first, wanting to get the best and most expensive items for your child. Things dial down a bit with the second and by the time your third comes, they are basically on their own. It was a really funny post. But my journey was quite different.

When I had my older two children, I was young and had no idea what I was doing half the time. I had to lean on my mom a lot. I enjoyed being a mother, but I was also working and going to school. I missed out on a lot. This time around, I am able to be more present. I am able to be at home and enjoy each and every one of Ayden's growing moments. I am older and more mature. Thankfully, I am in a place where I am able to take care of him. Watching him grow over the past few weeks has opened my eyes to just how much have grown.

Ayden was in the NICU the first few days after he was born. I spent every moment I could next to his bed; all day and all night. I only went home once to take a shower. Sorry, baths just were not of importance at that time! It was very hard to deal with. Tears would fall the moment a nurse would try to encourage me.
But what I learned from those few days was just how strong I am as a mother; something I briefly lost sight of.
He is a fighter. Despite the threats of pneumonia, failing lungs, and other breathing issues, I was able to bring my baby home. I left that hospital with a whole new perspective on motherhood.
Being a parent of one child is not easy. Three is definitely serving up to be a challenge; a beautiful one.
Finding balance has been a journey all on its own. But we are finally getting the hang of things.
I have found my joy for motherhood again. I look forward to packing lunches, homework sessions, and late night breastfeeding. Some days I sit and thank God for giving me these lives to raise and mentor through life.
Some of the parents I met in the NICU are still there, some of those babies won't get to come home at all. I am blessed to be a mother; I am blessed to be Nya, Micah, and Ayden's mom.

Kristie is a freelance social media strategist and a mom of 3. She has a passion for moms and strives to help them reach their business goals. You can connect with Kristie easily on Twitter (@ceomomblogs). This post was originally posted on

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