Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2016 Family Pictures

Happy Tuesday Foxy Friends. Last day of work till the end of the year! Woo hoo...well I'll probably check emails and do small things tomorrow, but from home, so totally counts as not going into work right? Either way, we're knee deep in wrapping gifts after the kids go to bed, so no time to do long intricate blog posts, so I thought I would share our family photos this year. Get ready for a picture heavy post.

Like I said before, this year we took our photos in September, we were still in the 90s and super hot. But the location we wanted, everyone else does too, so in order to get some photos with no other people in the background, gotta get it done early.

This is the one that we ended up using for our Christmas cards.

This is the back of our Christmas Card. I usually like putting the kids faces, but this picture was just too cute not to. I love that they are both in mid air. Too cute.


Some other family pictures that we liked:

Then some of just the kids:

And some with us with the kids.

And a picture that I absolutely adore, totally unplanned and didn't even know Baby Fox had done that until we got the pictures back. Melt my heart.

And that's a wrap, we bribed the kids with Swedish Fish and it couldn't have worked out more perfect. I really hope this is the start of smiley pictures and cooperation...that's probably asking too much right?

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