Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Tour Link Up

It's finally here! I'm linking with with Curly Crafty Mom Lindsay’s Sweet World , Our Pretty Little Girls, Wife Mommy Me for our Home Tour Link Up! I have a ton of pictures so let's just get to it.

Let's start upstairs...since that's the first thing we decorated. The kids LOVE our anything goes tree, it's colored lights, nothing fancy and it's Mr's favorite part of Christmas. Opening each ornament and remember where we got it, who we got it from, it's fun to share those memories with the kids. Each year the kids get to pick out one ornament, this year Mini Fox picked out Sofia and Baby Fox picked out a Batman car.

 Yes she has two Sofia ornaments, one from last year from a friend and then she picked it out this year.


This year we let the kids put the ornaments where ever they was so cute, watching them try to fit 6 ornaments on the same branch. hey whatever floats their boat. This type A mama backed off and let them have their fun.

My old Strawberry Shortcake ornament, from the early 80's. She asked me, when I get older can I have this one?

Tree all done, notice most of the ornaments are on the bottom half. So darn cute.

This is my oldest ornament. I got it before I even came to the United States. I was supposed to come in November but there was a mix up at the adoption agency and I didn't end up coming until January, but my grandparents bought me this anyway.

When we moved into our house I wanted a new stair case, when we remodeled it I didn't realize that it was going to be the central thing in our house. But I'm so glad that it is, I just love it so much and we pretty much found the perfect tree to fit in with the curve. Yes it's fake, allergies (in case you didn't know, I'm allergic to every plant, tree and grass in California), and it's perfect.
Here's a before picture for you.

I just love polka dots, so of course when I saw the display that had most of this stuff on it, I needed it ALL, my mom helped me pick out what I needed and how much I was going to need.


What is not pictured, all of the silver bells that Mr's mom gave him, she bought him one each year for 30 years. I need to polish them, and well that didn't get done before I took these photos. I did a video last year how we put up our Christmas Tree and how we decorate it here. And if you want to see how we decorate our banister click here...I'm rocking my awesome cast, this was about a month after my ankle surgery.

I just love decorating my mantel, I feel like it's a bit bigger than a normal mantel so I have a lot of room to play with.

I just love how it looks at night all lit up.

I finally did more with my kitchen window this year. Usually I just fill the jars with ornaments and call it a day. But last year I attempted to do something with it, but this year turned out perfect. I love the candle and lighting it after dinner while doing the dishes, just gets me in a festive mood.

In my kitchen there is a secret door that hides our heater, a few years I had this brilliant idea to wrap the door with wrapping paper, and put all of our Christmas cards there. I just love being able to look at all of the Christmas cards, throughout the season.


Finished product, image all of our holiday cards on's super fun.

Moving onto the front entry of the house. Just last year I started decorating the entryway table. I changed it up a little this year and found some new things to put on it, but I'm loving the way it came out. And I have no idea where that Santa book came from...I was unpacking things and it was just there...

I realized after I completed the table, it's a whole table of Santa stuff. The box on the right is a Fun Fact Santa countdown. Each day the light turns green and a new message from one of the elves or Mrs. Claus gives you a cute message.
On to the last spot in the house, the front door. You can find the tutorial for this wreath here. I love how whimsical and fun the wreath came out. All bought at Hobby Lobby on 50% off, can't beat that.
So that's it, it's not much, but I love all the festivities. I'm hoping this year Mr. puts the Christmas lights outside. Oh speaking of which...we do have a lighted Christmas tree outside, but we only put it out there on Christmas day while we are hosting Christmas dinner. I think it's fun, and it's just outside the three sets of French doors. Of course I can't find a picture of it, but just image a Christmas Tree outside as your eating dinner.
Now it's your turn! Link up below all of your Christmas decorations! We love to snoop see how you decorate your houses too! 

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