Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Favorites #95

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! I have today off, woo hoo! Get 13 days off, work 4 get 3 more off, I'm liking this! Going to try and get some shopping done with Baby Fox is in what to get, what to seems that the better deals are online these days. But it's hard to "window" shop when you have no idea what you're shopping for, that's why like wondering around the mall...anyone else? Anyway, onto Friday Favorites...

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So much has happened since I did a last Friday favorites, I don't know where the time goes, it just seems to slip away, and I skipped the last two weeks, oops! Oh well, I'm catching up now, and I'll try not to make it too picture heavy. The most favorite thing we've done lately, taken our very first family vacation! Not a weekend away, but for 6 nights we were in Cabo! The kids did GREAT on the plane!

We pretty much did a LOT of hanging by the pool, lots of eating and lots of good family time. The best part of the whole trip, we're waiting in the customs line and I asked Baby Fox, what was your most favorite part of the trip? I thought he would say, eating ice cream every night, or swimming all day, playing with his friend...nope he said "being with family", melt this mama heart into a million pieces.

Lot's of this happened.

The kids got pineapple juice everyday, which NEVER happens at home, but when on a little right?

The first time we took this picture? We asked someone, and they're like all good, so they leave and I go to look at the pictures, and they actually didn't take any pictures, like literally nothing was on the camera...I think people forget how to use real cameras...

Lot's of throwing the kids in the pool.

Looks how tan they got...they were obsessed with one of us trying out the fish eating thing...

So of course some of us caved...I have to say, it really did work.

We have a tradition that we get our Santa pictures the day before Thanksgiving...why you ask? Because the first year we went after Thanksgiving and had to wait for 45 minutes in line with a 1 year old...not fun. Now we make an appointment and go before Thanksgiving, and usually they let us do several sessions of photos if the ones they took don't turn out. No one cried this time, and we got all smiles.

Serious talks with Santa

 Thanksgiving was awesome with family and friends. Lots of yummy food, good conversation and lots of laughs.

I just love this picture of the three of us (my mom and sister).

Kids of the kids is missing due to not feeling well, but by the end of the night she was all smiles and giggles.


Ahh, there's the missing girl, these girls are 7 weeks apart and are super cute together, they're finally at an age when they actually play together.

Same chair, same position 3 years later...

I'm know I'm beating a dead horse, but Gilmore Girls...did you watch it? My sister, mom and I watched all 6+ hours in one sitting, it was glorious, no kids, no responsibilities and lots of junk food.

Another show Mr. and I have binged watched the past two weeks...Westworld on HBO, anyone else? Great Sci-Fi if anyone is looking for something like that.

Oh and a bonus, we're doing another Thanksgiving on Saturday. We felt that we didn't get enough Thanksgiving and since we didn't host we had no left overs, so what do we do? Do it again! And just in case you wanted to know, the only whole turkey we could find was 23 pounds...for 5 adults, who's coming?! Happy 2nd Thanksgiving!

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