Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kylie Lip Kit Obsession

Hello Foxy Friends, if you are hoping over from  Whitney's blog, welcome! I know this months theme is December cozy, but you know what makes me cozy? The Kylie Jenner lip kits, haha. Seriously though, I'm obsessed, Christy first mentioned them in one of her favorites posts and I had to have them, so back in August I bought two...then a couple of months later I bought another two more, then a few weeks after that I bought another and then 2 weeks after that I bought another...seriously it's an addiction. If you haven't heard of them Kylie Jenner has come out with a make up line and one of things in her line is a matte lipstick, it comes with a lip liner and a liquid lipstick that has the most power staying power ever. I'll put it on at 8am and at 8pm, it's still there.

Some of the ladies over at The Blended Blog decided since we are all obsessed with the lip kits that we would do a blog hop showcasing what each of our colors looks like on our skin tone. We all have Posie K, so you're going to get to see it on 4 different skin tones, fun right? Plus get to see all of the other colors everyone has. So lets get started.

I'll start with the order I bought the colors. My first color...was Posie K, love at first sight. For my skin tone, this is an everyday light color for me.

Kylie Matte Lip Kit on Asian skin in Posie K

Here I am wearing it over the weekend.

A few friends and I did a Christmas exchange, white elephant (but nice gifts) exchange and I bought the Posie K because I knew it would look good on all of them. Here's my gorgeous friend, Jenn who won and is loving her color too. Crazy how different it looks on her right? Yep I promise that's the same color.

After this I bought Mary Jo K, I was hesitant to buy this, but went for it and am so glad that I did.

Kylie Matte Lip Kit on Asian Skin in Mary Jo K

Here it is again, I had just gotten it and had to try it on.

I bought this color for my sister as well, because I thought that this color would look great on her and she's been looking for a non bleeding red for a while's perfect on her! Same color, different skin tones, awesome how well it looks on both of us right? (She's the one on the left...see my mom doesn't have a lip kit on and her lipstick is fading after appetizers...she should have one too)

 Onto the next color, I bought Spice, it's a little darker and I love that for the Fall and Winter. The picture above with my sister and mom, I'm wearing spice. Here it is again, when I first got it and just HAD to try it on, yep the same day as above with the Mary Jo K.

Kylie Matte Lip Kit on Asian Skin in Spice

I decided I wanted to go a little darker, So I got Leo, for whatever reason I just love dark lipsticks, funny coming from me, when I wore my first bright lipstick I was so self conscious and thought everyone was staring at me, seriously.

Kylie Lip Kit on Asian skin

And the last but not least it's the Kristin, a lighter pink that I thought I could wear in the Spring and Summer.

Matte Lip Kit in Kristin

 Next up on my I want list...Vixen (another dark one), Love Bites, 22, and Kourt K...I think after that...I might be done, until she, of course, comes out with some new colors. Oh I might mention that I did get KoKo K and it looked horrible on me. It was too light and just washed me out like no other. So I gave it to my sister who it looks perfect on.

Now hop on over to see what the one who started it all, Christy  has in her collection.

So now that you've seen all the colors, does it make you want to buy some? Which color would you get?

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