Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Favorites #96

Happy Friday! So happy it's Friday, I'm full on suffering from it's the end of the year and I don't want to work right now. Looking for the break between Christmas and New Years.

Monday: Best Mashed Potato Recipe, using only one pot
Tuesday: Christmas Tour
Wednesday: December Cozy Sweaters
Thursday: My Life in Numbers
 A few more pictures from our Cabo trip, then I'm done, I promise. Mr. convinced me to do a resort dive. Have you done one of those? Well it's a scuba dive that you don't need to be certified to do, they give you a few instructions in the pool, then you watch a video and then they take you out in the open water. We've done it before, so I wasn't as freaked out as before...which was good. I'm really glad that I did it with Mr. Here are some of the pictures.

 We weren't that close, but not too far behind this...oh wait, you can see someone over there in the upper right, so yea we were this close...

Eel anyone?

On Tuesday I did a home tour, but I thought I would do a quick tutorial on how I converted our door into a holiday card holder. This is one of my favorite parts of Christmas, getting everyones cards and being able to look at them each time I go into the kitchen.

This is the door that is in our kitchen.

If you push on it, it opens to reveal our heater. The previous owners put this cork board in there, which has turned out to be super helpful.

First I find wrapping paper that that goes well with the house, I happen to use this last year and it worked out great that I was able to save it for this year. I attach the top side to the top of the cork board with staples. Then I wrap it down the door and back up to attach the other side to the bottom of the board.

Then I add that same polka dot ribbon from our Christmas tree, and put that vertical on the door.

Then I do the same ribbon horizontal.

I love that it looks like a present. I used to put a big bow in the middle, but in the end it just got in the way of putting more cards on the door, so I ditched that last year.

Then I use my reindeer clothes pins  and Christmas Tree Clothes pins to hold the cards on the ribbon. When that gets full I start using the really small clothes pin to attach the cards to each other.

We got some Christmas cards since I took the last pictures, so here it is getting full, loving it!

 Last weekend was fun, it was nice to only work 4 days after a vacation to get 3 more days off, which made this 5 day work week LONG!!!

Friday I got to take Baby Fox to school, then did a ton of errands with Mini Fox, I was inpressed with how many we got done. 

 Saturday we hit up the gym and then then the rock wall Baby Fox has been begging me to go back to...he rocked it as usual.

I finally got up on the wall again, it's been a while.

Then we got home and cooked our second Thanksgiving dinner, we felt like we didn't get enough turkey the first go around, so why not do it again...probably with doing it again a week later? Hard to find a small 23 pounds it was. We used the Test Kitchen recipe which requires you to flip the bird half way through, I had Mr. do the heavy lifting this time...last year I did it and nearly killed myself.

Finished, it was yummy! Minus the fact that I couldn't get it thawed all the way in time, which I didn't really know, so while the temp said it was good, the way middle parts weren' we ate what we could for dinner and then threw it back in the oven...THEN it turned out good...anyone else have funny Turkey stories to share? Please tell me I'm not alone.


Sunday was a good friends birthday party at a play place we'd never been to, the kids loved it.

Cake face...

Confession time: Then we hit up In and Out for lunch...which was the second time this weekend we had it. Don't judge. Mini Fox was not happy I wanted to take a picture, she just wanted to play with her blocks.

If you don't read anything in this post, watch this...seriously.

On a totally different note....swooon. He seems like such a good guy in real life.

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