Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December Cozy: Sweaters

Hello Foxy Friends! Welcome to another week of The Blended Blog Style. Thank you for those that continue to link up and make this party a success! It's a new month, new Wednesday theme, we thought we would share things that are cozy, so each week in December we're going to share what makes us cozy for the Holidays.

I decided to share my comfy lay around the house outfit, and maybe if I go out, I'll throw on a pair of boots and call it a day. If  I'm feeling really fancy then I'll change out the leggings for some ripped jeans, but on this particular day I was just feeling lazy and was trying to decorate the house for Christmas. Plus it's finally cold enough for this sweater to make sense, haha, just a week ago it was 90°, yikes!

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This sweater is so soft and wonderful, everyone should have one. This one isn't available any more, but this one would work, so would this one, or this one, I'll just take one of each, one cannot have to many sweatshirt right? More importantly these leggings, oh these leggings are amazing, they're thick so you can't see anything when bending over, and they come up high on the waist to cover up that tummy from too much turkey. Did I mention they were comfy?

What is your favorite lounge around the house outfit? Link up below with your favorite outfit this week!


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