Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Favorites #98

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Officially my first day of winter break, yay! Yesterday I took PTO, but today...I'm on company time, which makes this "I only have 30 hours of vacation girl" very happy.

 So onto my favorites from this week:

Monday: $10 Target Haul
Tuesday: Our 2016 Family Pictures
Wednesday: December Cozy: My favorite Cardigan
Thursday: How To Celebrate Your Christmas Baby's Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Christmas with my cousins, I have 12 cousins and most of us are married and have children so it gets pretty crazy, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We grew up almost like brothers and sisters and I am so happy that we don't need our parents coordinating us any more to grew our relationships with each other.

Everything always ends in a dance party around here...

 Last night I went out with some friends for a Mom's Night Out, had a blast talking and laughing it up. Of course no picture, but it still deserves a #3 spot.


I'm getting a new Cricut for Christmas so I joined a group on facebook that shows people the crafts they've done and a place where you can get help. One of the suggestions was to get a Treasure Box from Cartridges and More. It's a mystery box that you pay $34.99 and you get about $215 worth of product! You don't know what's in the box, so it's super exciting opening the box. I might be addicted! Like I need more crafting supplies in my house! I decided to do an unboxing, since it's the first time I had gotten one. Go see what I got for my $34.99!

Only 4 things today, off to drive 300 miles round trip to see my grandma. If I don't talk to you before then, Happy Holidays...and Merry Christmas for those celebrating on Sunday. Maybe Santa get you everything you want/need and may you be surrounded by love.
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