Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Life In Numbers - November Edition

Happy Monday Foxy Friends! Today I'm joining the lovely Deena for her Month in Numbers link up. I love looking back on the month and seeing all that I have done, click here for pervious months. So let's get started.

3300 - The numbers I had to travel for work....again, hopefully this is the last time for a while.

4 - The number of allergy shots, woo hoo, the numbers is the same, I didn't slide back any steps, moving on forward!

2 - The number of times Mini Fox went to the voting booth.

13 - The number of days off I had, first day of vacation started with random lunch with Mr.

7 - Of those days were spent in Cabo with my family and friends

5,000 - The number in pounds of chips and guacamole I ate while in Cabo, yum!

1 - It was the very first vacation for us as a family that included more than 2 days, it was awesome and something we're going to do way more often now that the kids are a little older

2 - The number of soccer games we watched, and also the number of years Baby Fox has been playing soccer

6 - The number of days we had someone in our house for our kitchen remodel

*picture is poor quality because I took a screen shot of my facetime with the kids and Mr.

1 - The number of parent/teacher conferneces we had. Seriously guys I feel like I'm real life adulting right now.

6 - The number of hours we got to spend some with some friends we haven't seen in a while...well I guess technically that number is 12, but 6 of those hours we were sleeping, haha.

3 - The number of days I forgot to call Baby Fox's school to let them know he wasn't going to be in school, oops, perhaps this adulting thing isn't for me.

6.5 or so - The number of hours I binged watch Gilmore Girls with my mom and sister.


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