Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Olive Pants and a Moto Jacket

Hello Foxy Friends! This month the ladies over at The Blended Blog are hosting a series called Fashion Files, where we find some inspiration and then recreate that look. This week I was randomly looking around Pinterst to find some inspiration and found this outfit. I thought, I have everything for this outfit in my closet. So here she is, I image her being in France, walking across the street to get some coffee.

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Here is my version, not quite as stylish, but hey it works for me...yep using that same jacket as last week. I can't get enough of it I guess. For some reason I couldn't narrow the pictures down this week, so you get all of them.

That hair on my forehead, arg. Don't you hate when that happens, so annoying.

Op, there it is again, why won't you go away?!

Hey look, my eyes, just for a brief second.

 Pants (similar) // shirt // jacket (similiar) shoe (similar)

Thank you Mr. for letting me steal your sunglasses for this post. And when I say steal, I really mean commandeer because I haven't given them back. I think they look better on me anyway. If you look closely in my sunglasses you can see my tripod set up and a pool. Every time I set it up I think...please don't fall into the pool with the camera...I have fallen in the pool while doing outfit clothes weigh a lot.

Hey there are my eyes again. 

I decided to do my hair in a casual ponytail thing, like the model. I'm fairly certain she spent a lot of time getting her pony to look so effortless...mine looked like a hot mess, but what are you going to do? Continue to take outfit pictures and hope for the best.


I took this one because the model isn't smiling either, but then thought, naw that isn't me.

So I took this one immediately after...much better.

Just in case you can't remember my full eyes, here there are.


In case you were wondering what I'm wearing on my face

Tartelette make up palette,
 Physicians Formula blush in Blushing Berry
 Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Kristin
fake eyelashes Ardell 120
eyeliner is Urban Decay, and Stila All Day Liner,
bronzer is Mac

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