Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday Chit Chat

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What makes me:

Sad....I forgot to take pictures of myself with the kids on Mother's Day. Not that we don't get a lot of pictures the other days, but I wish we would have remembered. Waaahhh... But I did get one of my mom and the kids, so that's a good second.

Happy...Mr. and my dad planned a whole Mother's Day dinner for my mom and me without us knowing. It was awesome. I mentioned to Mr. that I needed to call my parents to see what we were doing and he says, your dad and I have it handled. Say what? They got the food, the dessert and we didn't have to lift a finger, it was awesome. My mom got the German Chocolate cake above. and I got this fruit tart, yum!

Frustrated...I'm sick, again. I feel like just when I'm getting back into the swing of life, I have to travel for work...or I get sick. Can't I got two weeks without something? Plus I'm leaving for my trip on Thursday, I hope I'm better by then!

Proud...Baby Fox got his yellow belt at Karate yesterday, I could not be more proud at home much he's worked and dedicated to going to Karate. I have to thank my parents for getting him to the classes each week, as it would not be possible without them. #workingparent

Disappointed...that the donut shop that was getting all of this Instagram praise was just okay...the shop was cute and the donuts looked cool, but they were just okay.

But the one thing that we did like, was this thing...it had a poached egg inside with some sort of hollandaise sauce, it was delicious.

Accomplished...that I finally organized my bathroom...here's before, you'll have to wait for the post for the after.

Thankful...for meeting Jenny, who is one of the nicest people. So glad that we found each other on a blogger FB board and then discovered that we lived a mile apart. She named her kid the same as my kid, so we're already besties right?

Excited...for the summer, I can see us doing a lot of pool time, now that Mini Fox isn't going to drown in the pool, it's going to be so much fun splashing around!

What are you feeling these days?

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