Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Favorite Places To Cool Off

Happy Monday Foxy Friends! Today we are off at Legoland, hopefully we won't need to cool off too much. Haha but if we did, a fun place to cool off at Legoland is the boat building station. They have base boats that you can decorate and then race down the "river", the kids get soaked and have a blast, but it's under the shade. Perfect for the kids to get a little wet and have a ton of fun.

Other things to do, find a splash pad, they are awesome and can provide hours of entertainment. We have a few near us, all of them are free, busy but free. Some of them you have to know someone in the community to get in, but usually it's not hard to find a friend.

This is by far the coolest one by us. It's open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, hours of fun for the kids!

Then there is always our gym pool, it's super fun, and Baby Fox is This Close to being tall enough to go down the slide. T here is also a small splash pad there too, but not nearly to the scale as the one above!

And it's always fun to go bowling, we took the kids for the first time this year and they LOVED it.

It's pretty cool, they have electric side bumpers now, so now more paying money for them to blow up the ones in the gutters, they just pop up if that person needs it. Plus they have a ramp for the kids to slide their balls down. So fun.

P.S. I may or may not own my own bowling ball and shoes.

Then you can't forget about the bazillion play places that have come around lately. Even if they are busy, it's air conditioned and the kids love it and run around and you can mostly talk to your friends.

I know ziplining, so fun right?!

Alright that's all I have for you. What do you have near you that you like to do to cool off. I didn't include our own pool, because I'm sure you'll all sick of seeing it. Thought I would share some new things!

Now go check out some of the other California Mama's and see how they like to cool off!

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