Thursday, June 22, 2017

CaseApp Review

Thank You CaseApp for sponsoring this post. As always all opinions and thoughts are my own.

I was so excited when CaseApp approached me to receive some free products from them. I love getting custom iPhone cases for my phones. Specifically when they are pictures of my kids, cause who doesn't love looking at their kids pictures all the time? The first time I got an iPhone was a few years back and I quickly jumped on the picture on phone case band wagon. When I got my upgrade (courtesy of Mr.), I got another one right away. I typically just went with the cheapest thing I could find.

Enter CaseApp, their prices are awesome! No need to look for the cheapest price around, just go straight to CaseApp, and they got your covered, and most likely you can find a 20% off coupon code somewhere, so if mine is expired, just type in 20% off in google and I'm sure something will pop up. For now you can use FOXYSDOMESTICSIDE20 to get 20% off your next order.

They have a tougher case, which this girl really needs, and it covers the front side too, so I feel if you drop it, it's going to protect the corners of your precious phone. The website is SUPER easy to navigate and to upload pictures and designs, they even have a bunch of design, shapes and pictures you could add from their suite of graphics. Super easy, the only problem is...choosing what you want to get!

I just love this picture of the kids.

You can't tell, but it's a matte case. I really like the feel of it, as it doesn't feel slick and I don't feel like I'm going to drop it. The colors that are coming out here, don't do it justice, the colors are really vibrant and gorgeous, exactly how my pictures print out in person. I love how the picture wraps around the sides to make it more seamless.

I also got an iPad skin. I had no idea what this was when I ordered it. Quite honestly I thought it was going to be an actual case, I have no idea why I thought that. Anyway, I'm in love with it. It was so easy to apply, and doesn't make the iPad bulky at all.
It took me about 3 minutes to apply this perfectly, the fit was spot on. I think even though I accidentally ordered the skin instead of a case, I sort of like it better, it has a slight texture to it so you feel like you can get some grip on it. You could get a pattern on the front as well, but I didn't do that. I love it just the way it came out.
I also had a questions about one of the cases, and after I emailed the help center they emailed me back within 12 hours and had an answer for me. I love when they get right back to you, cause you know you're itching to buy whatever you need and want an answer RIGHT NOW.
I know you want one now, enter below and you could win a free case of your choosing!
Don't forget to use FOXYSDOMESTICSIDE20 for 20% off your next order in case you can't wait!

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