Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Shorts and Ruffle Tee And A Fun Summer Pony Tail Tutorial

Happy hump day Foxy Friends!  I haven't done a hair tutorial in a while, so I thought I would share one this week and one next week for a fun Summer Link Up I'm participating in, heck I might get crazy and do another one the week after. But not let's get crazy here.

When I was thinking about Summer time, I thought what is the quintessential hair style, a pony tail came to mine right away. So I figured I would show you a slightly different take on your normal pony tail.

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These shorts are my new favorite. They are the perfect length and they are stretchy, so you don't get that feeling like it is cutting off circulation. The top is a light weight tee, but it has ruffles so it gives it some interest.

Shorts // Tee (6 colors) // Wedges (Similar here, here and here)

It usually pretty hot in the summer, so I thought I would show you an easy fancier ponytail to make it look like you tried a bit, but in reality it's still a ponytail and it's off your neck and out of your face. Here's a video on how I got this hair style. On a side note: when I was growing back all of those baby hairs, I used this style, minus the clips, for the gym, got those annoying hairs in my face way so I could work out.

Here is a picture of the pony tail without the clips in.

Here is the's it crazy how much fuller it is? This is a must if you want to make it look like you have a ton of hair. You could probably tease it a bit to get it more full, but I found that I had enough hair I didn't have to do that. It gives it just that little bit of poof that makes it look a little more interesting. Please ignore all of the split ends, I have a hair appointment at the end of the month. I used these mini jaw clips

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