Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Favorites #122

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! I decided to take most of today off, woo hoo! Going to work from home a little in the morning and then take the rest of the day off to prepare for Baby Fox's half birthday party and take Mini Fox to her first dress rehearsal for her ballet recital. So excited to see her in her cute little costume. Expect lots of pictures next week. Onto my Friday Favorites!

In case you missed it on the blog this week.

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Here's another hair tutorial I did this week too.

Last Friday was Baby Fox's last day of Kindergarten. He did fantastic and he is so excited to start 1st grade.  He obliged and took this photo for me.

Mr. was the one who dropped him off, because this little lady was still sleeping. So when she woke up she got some Daddy and Mommy time on her own and we went to get some donuts. We just found this place, thanks to my dad and it has THE BEST DONUTS EVER! See the line there, we went about 9am on Friday...line out the door. Must be good right?

Then we picked this guy up a couple of hours later, and he had a great last day of school, he even got an emoji ball.

We also let the kids decide what they want to do to celebrate their last day of school. Baby Fox said he wanted to get In and Out and have a picnic at the park and ride his bike, so that's exactly what we did...the kids did great considering it was 91° out.

Then we took this girl to her very last dance class of the season. We're taking the summer off because we have so many weekends away it just doesn't make sense. But they were showcasing what they have been working on. And what they're going to do at the dance recital tomorrow. Her outfit is so dang cute, I can't even handle it!

Originally Baby Fox wanted to go out to dinner, but since lunch was a little on the late side, he decided that he wanted to go swimming instead. Shhh...don't tell Mr. I posted this, he said this isn't going on the blog is it?
Saturday, we headed to do our gym routine and then when we got back we had some friends over for some swimming and dinner. It was really fun, I just love these people.

Sunday was Father's Day and we pretty much did everything that Mr. wanted. I forgot to take pictures of dinner, darn it. Oh well, it was this Honey Lime Shrimp and it didn't disappoint. He also wanted Carrot Cake, so Mini Fox helped me with that.

And of course more swimming, my kids are going to turn into fish soon. But they love every second of it and Mini Fox is really getting much better. One of Mr.'s wishes was for me to go in, so I got in with the kids, they loved it.

What's a family diner without a selfie? It's not that's what it is. My dad, back there waving the camera, such a dork. I love that Baby Fox is trying to do bunny ears on me and that Mini Fox can't even put down her avocado to take a picture.

It was a great weekend celebrating and of course, just like Mother's Day, I forgot to get a picture with Mr. and the kids, darn. One of these years I'm going to remember.

Shelly from Queen In Between was over on The Blended Blog with her very first post as a contributor this week sharing some clean eating recipes. She shared this chicken salad...yum! Has all of my favorite things in it, chicken, avocado and bacon. Anything with bacon is delicious right?


Cornia has a great thought about capsule wardrobes. I'm always so hesitant because of not wanting to get rid of what I already have, but she put it in a good way. Create capsule wardrobes with what you have, so you're essentially creating mini capsules from what you have, so you really use what is in your closet. She's starting a 5x5 challenge, 5 pieces, 5 outfits. I won't be joining in this time, but I'm going to try this soon!

I was introduced to Alyssa from Alyssa Goes Bang through P!inky, and I just loved her article about real life in social media and just life in general.

Who else is super pumped about this movie? This really isn't the traditional trailer, but we do get some glimpses into some of the scenes. Can't wait till December, who's coming with me?!

I never really followed Jacyln Hill, but she is coming out (releases tomorrow) with her a collab palette with Morphe, which is so awesome. It took her two years to come up with all of the colors in it and it is absolutely gorgeous. Anyway, not the reason I'm showing you this video. She has an awesome tip at 6:20, where she uses translucent powder to help protect her foundation she's already applied from fallout, and to help create that sharp line with her eye shadow. You know how some people use tape? She uses this technique and it's awesome, so trying this out! Okay so her palette went on sale on Wednesday at 8am and you better believe that another friend and mine went in and each got one...I can't wait to get it!

Okay, you HAVE to see this girl in action, not only is she trying to bring back ventriloquy, she is freakin' amazing singer while doing it! How is that even possible?! She will blow you away. Simon even gave her the golden buzzer, now that is saying something!

So what are you up to this weekend, we have a really full weekend, ballet recital, half birthday party, LEGOLAND on Monday and my MIL is visiting, and then after she leaves my cousins are staying with us for a night. I might need Tuesday off too to recover from this long weekend. But at least I know it will be fun!
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